Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yard Sale-ing In The Rain

It seemed we had just got to bed and asleep when the alarm went off at 6:00AM. I woke Wynn up and rolled back over going instantly back to sleep. I jolted awake with that 'Something isn't right' feeling and looked at my phone. It was after 7:00 and Morgan's Colorguard yard sale was supposed to start at 8:00!!! I rewoke Wynn, got Morgan up and looked outside. It was grey and wet. I was never so glad that Wynn helps her with her yard sale instead of me! They got there, set up, sold some things and didn't stick around for 2:00 to get there. They were wet and cold. Everybody packed up early I guess. I wouldn't know, I was smart enough not to be there.

After they got home, we finished cleaning and packing up Elder Gary's room. It wasn't so hard now we waited a couple of weeks. We got it totally packed up, dusted, vacuumed and the furniture rearranged. Then Wynn told me that one of our friends from our Smithfield ward came over to the yard sale.
He told him, "I just saw Gary."
Wynn, "You mean Andy?"
"No, Gary."
"Gary is in the MTC."
"I know. That's where I saw him. We took Logan down to the MTC Wednesday. Now that families can't go in they have the missionaries come out and get them. Gary was Logan's escort. He's looking really good. He is loving it."
Now how cool is that! Someone who can give me personal feedback on how my Elder Gary is doing!

Drew brought Dean, Wynn's dad, up with her this weekend. He really doesn't like living in the SLC valley at all. He feels there are too many people and too many houses. Elaine decided to come up at the last minute too, so we'll have the both of them until Drew goes back down Monday night. I hope Elaine does ok. She really is a home body these days, but we don't think she would do so good being away from Dean that long either. It'll be fun for them to get away for a while and the kids will keep them entertained I'm sure. This means they'll be here Monday when Elder Gary calls. That will be a surprise for him! I hope they do ok being away from home. We got them all situated in Elder Gary's room. Good thing we got done before they got here!

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