Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Life This Week...So Far/Tanner swimming vids


    • Tanner's swimming lessons. They kept him in the higher level. Yeah! We'll see how he does.
    • Went to the movie at the theater. Kung Fu Panda. Yep seen it before, will probably see it again. We love it.
    • Got all my pictures off my camera. Took a while but it's done!


    • Tanner's swimming lessons. He did Ok. Don't know that he'll progress enough to pass this time, but at least they didn't move him down. (The vids are all super short)

    His teacher is Drew's friend from high school

    He did better on his first swim across the pool but I didn't have the camera ready. He is a little tired on this trip.

    Can't get the concept of no arms quite yet

    Better this time!

    • Movie at the library...Tale of Despereaux. Hadn't seen it before. Wasn't what I was expecting. It was ok.
    • The library called as soon as we got home from the movie. Our books on hold were in, so we went back down and got them.
    • Got all of my pictures put on my blogs of the vacation. Took all day. SUPER YEAH!!! They start on June 7th. Go ahead. Take a look. I'm not a great photographer, but some of them are actually rather good!


    • Tanner swimming lessons. (Even shorter vids)

    Not quite comfortable

    The penguin dive/no help

    • Took Morgan to the doctor. He was afraid her cough was because of asthma. It wasn't! She just has junk in her lungs. Relief. He gave her meds and some nasty cough med for night time. She can't take it during the day he said because it does some funny stuff to ya. Hmmmm.
    • Read.
    • It's warm. But not as hot as it would be without my new curtains. It's such a short period that it gets warm in here I think we can live. We'll see what happens if we get hotter days than today.

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