Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Fun Planned

My day started in the workout room, again. I wish I was one of those women who were just automatically thin so I didn't have to work out on vacation and could eat whatever I wanted. But I'm not, so there you have it. I start my day in the workout room even on vacation....

While Wynn went to class, I read a book. Right now I'm reading one I was given as an exit present for AmeriCorps. I can read it with no strings attached. It's 'A Good Yarn' by Debbie Macomber. Not one I would have picked up off the shelf myself probably, but it's OK, just not my favorite. We had to read her latest one for AmeriCorps this spring. Maybe I'll have to go to the library and start the series from the beginning. Maybe if they were in order they would be more interesting to me. It's taking me longer than I thought it would, but I'll finish.

While the maid was in the room I came down to check email, etc. I got an email from Gary!!! YEAH! He flies out to Lubbock next Monday morning. I can't believe it's almost that time already. He is supposed to call me before 8:30am. Tanner has swimming lessons at 8:00am, so I need to make sure Gary calls my cell phone.

We went to Rudy's grill for lunch. It was really good. I had soup and salad...BBQ Ranch Chicken salad and a small bowl of Tortilla Soup. They were really good. I am so glad I only got a 1/2 order on the salad, it was big. Wynn ordered Fish and Chips. He also had a malt vinegar to put on it. It was really yummy too. I can't believe how much fish he is eating. He doesn't really care for it much.

Soup and 1/2 Salad

Fish and Chips

After class we drove to Balboa Island and took the ferry over to Balboa Peninsula like my friend Vicki told me too. It's only a 1/4 mile ferry ride, so it only cost $1/person.

Driving to the Ferry on Balboa Island to go to Balboa Peninsula

View from the Ferry on the way over to the Peninsula

On Balboa Peninsula

Going to the beach

We walked down to the beach, but again, it was super windy. I put on my trusty Old Navy flip flops and walked down to the edge of the water. Not too far though because I didn't want to get wet. Wynn was taking a picture of me, wanting to get a wave in the background and not paying attention to how big the wave actually was. Ya. My capris got soaked to just above the knee. Was it ever cold! And it almost sucked my flip flops off my feet! I was so glad I had changed from my leather sandals! There is sand in the car now. That's why you rent one, right? Then you don't have to clean it all up?

On the beach

Look at the wind blowing my belt across me. At the bottom of the picture, my capris are soaked above the knee!

We walked around some more, looking at all the beach condos for rent for vacation. We found out the ones on the beach are about $2000.00/week, the ones just back from that are cheaper.

Some of the condos.

Then it was time to get a Balboa Bar. We weren't sure and didn't want to just wander around, so we went into a shop and asked the guy. He was no help. He worked there but had never even heard of them. He figured they must be new. Ah, no. I told him we were looking for the Balboa Bars ice cream that had been around since 1936. He didn't have a clue what we were talking about. So we crossed the street and asked someone else. Yep, a block away we got a Balboa Bar, Wynn's rolled in peanuts, mine in sprinkles. It was really good.

Getting the Balboa Bars. Mmmmmm!

I forgot to get a picture of the actual Bars!!!

On the way back to the Ferry, to go back to Balboa Island, I got a picture of a tiny little car. I've seen them before, but they are all over the place here. Well them and the Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Jags, and they are all new......And in Utah the majority of cars are white, and older. Every where you turn there is another white vehicle. Even Tanner has commented on it. And now the car Wynn just bought is white. I have noticed here that there seems to be an abundance of silver cars. Seriously. And our rental car is silver. Hmmmmm. Just an observance.

The little cars that are all over here in California

The Ferry back to Balboa Island. We went as pedestrians. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the Ferry.

View from the Ferry on the way back to the Island

We headed back to the hotel. After the wave and the ice cream, the cool temps and wind, I needed a stop at Starbucks. Nope, I haven't turned to a latte. Their Carmel Hot Chocolate is the best though.


Anonymous said...

So is their peppermint hot chocolate, and it helps me sleep. Love Mom

L.Jo said...

The caramel apple cider is to die for, you gotta try it sometime!!!!