Saturday, June 20, 2009

No More Bunkbeds In My House!!!

What a day. When I plan out what to do in a day, it doesn't always go as easily as it seems it will in my mind.

When we moved in this house, Tanner picked his room because the closet had a low bar that he could reach his own clothes. At the time he didn't like being by himself, so Gary, being the nice guy he is, and although being a junior in high school, said he would share with him. So all the toys and games and trains etc, went in what would have been Gary's room. The next summer before his Senior year, he asked if he could have his own room. So all the toys and games went into Tanners closet (since it's a walk-in) and Tanners trains on his bedroom floor. Needless to say, that room was hard to keep clean. I wish we would have gotten a before picture this morning. His closet was a disaster! So we had decided that when Gary left, we would move the toys and games back to the closet of what would now be the guest room. And that is what we had planned on doing today. Planned on.

We went to the store to get Morgan some curtains I found for her room. While at the store, I had a brilliant idea to move everything out of the hall closet (which was being used for the bathrooms extra supply storage) into the 3 bathrooms, somehow, and use the hall closet for the game/toy closet instead. Then Gary & Drew's stuff and the extra bedding could go in the closet of the guest bedroom and still have room for using the closet. Easier said than done. We even moved the kids books out of the office and into Tanner's closet. I haven't liked the bookcase we had in the office and so kept one of the bookcases in his closet that we had been using for the games and probably going to sell the one out of the office. Here are the results....

Game closet now in the hall

Look how organized it all is now!
And I still need to dejunk the toy part of it.

The now guest room
And there is still room in the closet

Tanner's new bed (need to get the headboard/footboard)

And it's a pillow top...comfy!


View from the closet
Look how clean the floor is, you can walk in here now!

Wall of posters from Wynn's (daddy's) work

How clean is this closet!!!

Still need to make him new curtains

Before pillows

After pillows

Before curtains

After curtains

One side of Morgan's room

What a difference the finishing touches make

Her matching lamp

Now I can't wait to get to Tanner's curtains, the office and my room. What a difference those last little touches make.


Dad Mom said...

You said something about looking at a different house a while back. Moving ? Love Mom

loretta said...

No. Just always looking. We figure we'll know when and what's right if we keep looking. Just nothing has been right yet except staying where we are, so......

lexie jane said...

i'm okay without moving!! haha!

Morgan said...

i love my room!!! it seems more like a room now than it did before!!! i am so happy!! it just seems more me than how it was. now the walls all look better rather than just boring. i tried everything to make it better and now with the curtains they look so much better!!! i am so happy!! i love the pillows as well:)