Friday, June 12, 2009

This Is It

Today did not start out in the workout room. Wynn went to class and I just watched TV and started to pack to go home. Today I have to start thinking about what faces me tomorrow. Today all the stations go to digital tv. We should be OK since we have satellite. Morgan has her colorguard yard sale in the morning. Hope it isn't raining for that. After the yard sale we have to finish packing up Gary's room because Drew is bringing Wynn's dad home with her for the weekend tomorrow night. Tanner has swimming lessons starting Monday and Gary is calling Monday morning before flying to Texas!!! Has it been that long already?

But I don't want to think of all that now. I don't want to think of packing. I don't want to think of the drive to LAX. I want to think of just sitting in the family room type area they have hear at the hotel reading while Wynn goes to class this afternoon. I have to sit there because we will already be checked out of the room, but I don't want to think of that either.

June gloom or not, it has been a good vacation. We got to do a lot of things and the sun actually came out when we went to see the beaches. I don't think the water is ever warm here though. Even when the weather is good or even in September or October when it's hot here. I know, because I've been here then. So for now I guess I will go finish packing.

So goodbye California. Just not yet!

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tawnya said...

It will TOTALLY be raining in the morning for her yard sale. That's when the worst of the storm is supposed to hit...