Friday, June 19, 2009

Tanner's And The Bee's Day

Today was the last day for Tanner's swimming lessons...for THIS week. His teacher wasn't there and he had a substitute. The paper didnt' say whether he had passed or not, and she had 2 papers there with his name on it. Lexie asked the sub and she didn't know. But she did say that with all the things that he was doing today while she was there, she would move him up to the next level next week, then they would just move him down again if they felt he should be. YEAH TANNER!!! (my batteries were dead in my camera again, so pictures later)

There was a bee in my entryway window. I laugh now at what happened after reading this link Tawnya has on her blog. (Really? Are you serious?) Well, I went to pull up the blind so I could swat and kill, yes kill, this bee. I don't know what happened but the blind broke. In pieces All_over_the_floor. Irrepairable. It was crawling on the pole of the flag I had in the window (to keep it in out of all the rain we've had) so I couldn't get it. Tanner is allergic to bee stings so I didn't want it to take off flying through the house. I picked up the flag and released the bee outside, putting the flag up outside again. So does this make me a more humane person than President Obama? Or Morgan that killed a fly with a fly swatter in the family room tonight? I'm sorry. That's funny.

Going after the bee and the blind breaking turned out to be good though. We don't have central air, or good windows for that matter. And the back of the house faces east, the front west, and that's where all the windows are. The sun comes in right over the top of the trees every day as the sun goes farther in the west. It got blazing hot in here with nothing covering the entryway window.

Wynn got off work early, so I told him I wanted to go get a Thermal Curtain to put up on that window. They are expensive so I have just kept putting them off, but since I needed something on that window anyway, I figured now is the time. And I would just start getting them one room at a time. When we got to Shop-ko, they were on sale. Yeah! I got curtains for all the windows in my room, the living room, entryway, office and Elder Gary's/guest room. It cost a bit, but only about 1/2 what it would have normally. They only had about half the curtains I needed for my room, so I'll get the rest of them later, and least there is at least 1 panel on each of the windows in there. The back side of the house and the basement rooms will all come later. While there I found some cute pillows for Morgan's bed that I had been looking for for a year. (pictures to come) So should I say Thanks to the bee!


Sandra said...

I heard about the fly incident on Th. morning as I was driving to the rheumatologist's office. I laughed so hard. Am I the only one that thinks this makes PETA look incredibly stupid?

loretta said...

Oh, you're not the only one! A fly trap to set it free outdoors? That has got to be one of the STUPIDEST things they've ever done. And I think they do plenty of stupid things!