Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Vacation Adventures

Today started out the same....I hit the exercise room, 20 minutes on the elliptical then 60 on the treadmill. Ice Cream and hot chocolate every day is not something I usually indulge in. Wynn actually came in half way through the treadmill and ran for a while.

I did some more reading while Wynn was at class, then we headed to lunch. Today he picked Sushi. We went to the Kotosushi Sushi Bar. I don't know anything about Sushi, I chose not to order anything and just sample Wynn's. He doesn't know anything about Sushi either. He got a Combination Special plate with 3 sushi, 6 something else and 8 rolls, all the chef's choice and a coke. It came with salad or Misho soup. The Misho soup was Ok-ish. The rest of it was......not so good. Gag. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth the rest of the afternoon. I'm glad I didn't order anything. That was the most expensive we've had so far, $18 for that, and I didn't even order anything! There were other people there that had things that actually looked like they would have tasted good. No. We wound up with the actual raw fish you hear so much about. I won't do that again! Next time I will look at someone else's plate and say, "I'll have what they are having."!


Sushi.......don't like so much

When we got back from lunch the maid hadn't come yet, so I headed to the computer to check messages, update and look up directions to a couple places we want to go. Went back to the room and finished my book. It hasn't taken me that long to read a book in a long time. Maybe it was that I didn't actually get to read all day. Interruptions like lunch, dinner, sight seeing...

For dinner today we decided to stay more local. We went to Laguna Hills to the Laguna Hills Mall. Our friend from the plane is the manager at the Rubio's Mexican Grill there. He is moving though and going to be the Manager at the Rubio's in AF. We exchanged emails and plan on getting together once they are settled. We had 2 fish tacos and 2 gourmet tacos--1 shrimp and one steak, with chips and beans on the side. It was delicious! Thanks Jeff for helping us pick. It made me forget all about the lunch we couldn't eat. Then we went to cinnabon, 1 regular and 1 pecan carmel and 1 tropical drink I can't remember. There is a reason I don't eat these things. I see extra time on the treadmill and elliptical for that one, since I had a hot chocolate when I got back to hotel too. I may have to be checked as cargo on the way home!


Nice rules

I took this one for Drew!

Our new friend from the plane! He was such a great help.

I did do a little shopping, but there really haven't been stores that I don't have at home. It's no longer like it used to be when you went on vacation and found those things you couldn't find at home. I think the internet has made it a much smaller world.

My cute sandals!

Wynn actually went out to the hot tub tonight. I personally don't see any appeal in getting in water outside when it is only 63* and then having to get out in the wind, no thank you. I was freezing already. The computer room temperature was much more to my liking.


tawnya said...

1. Sushi is...disgusting and you should have just gotten california rolls

2. Rubios. Mmmmm.

3. You are clearly shopping wrong if all you found were stores we have here!

Dad Mom said...

In most places sushi is called bait Dad