Friday, June 05, 2009

Moose-isms... Moose's search for Tanner

As I wrote previously, Tanner has been sleeping in Gary's bed since Gary left. Andy and Leza are moving and needed to stay here on Wednesday night, so Tanner had to sleep in his own bed, Moose found him on his own and all was good.

Yesterday was the last day of school, so Lexie and Tanner decided to sleep on the trampoline. I couldn't sleep because Moose was wandering around looking for Tanner. He looked in his room, in Gary's Tanner. He came meowing for me in my room. I got him food and water. Still not happy. At one point he even jumped up on my bed looking for Tanner. He was a very sad kitty. I didn't want to show him Tanner was on the trampoline because he was sleeping in Wynn's sleeping bag and I didn't want cat hair all over it. So Moose curled up on the floor under my window and slept, kind of, the rest of the night.

When I got up he just watched me pathetically, with little pathetic sad mews. I left for my walk. When I got home they were all still asleep and Moose was nowhere to be found. I finally found him under my bed, not even lifting his head from his paws as he quietly mewed.

Tanner had woke up by now so I told him he needed to go to his poor sad kitty that had searched for him all night. Tanner walked in the house saying, 'I didn't think he would be that sad for me. I was just outside. It's OK Moose, your Tanner is here!' At this point he was at the bottom of my bed and lifting the bed skirt. Moose lifted his head, meowed a happy meow as he came out from under the bed and rubbed his head on Tanner. They layed on my floor together for just a bit while Tanner reassured Moose. Tanner went outside to put things away and Moose went straight to Tanner's bed, where he had me straighten out the blanket for him to promptly bury himself under it, only his belly showing this time. And he stayed there all morning.


Jaime said...

Aaahh that's precious! :) My boys are begging for any type of animal, but I'm not sure we're going to give in.

Sandra said...

I am not looking forward to Matt leaving for so many reasons, but this reaction from his cat is among them.