Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's official, I Like Bigger Planes!

Wynn got out of class early today (ok, yesterday) to make sure we made it back to the car rental return and the airport in time. We figured we would get there 3 hours early depending on traffic_heading north_from Lake Forest_on the California freeway_on a Friday. It went really well. We got to our exit for the car rental and they were starting to back up just in front of it. We were glad we were early. We stopped to gas up the car before dropping it off, I got hit on by the gas station attendant, but not gross hit on, just funny cute hit on. I imagine he does it to everybody.

After dropping off the car, we caught the shuttle to the airport, checked in our '1 suitcase each' (only really it was 2 under Wynn's name) and headed to the gate and to get something to eat. We ate at Ruby's dinette. HOLY COW! $30 for 2 hamburgers, 2 drinks, and 1 order of garlic fries!!! They were good, but I think I would have just gone hungry if we were paying for it.

Ruby's Dinnette at the airport

Lunch....greasy but oh so good. Garlic fries!

They had to switch planes in SLC because of some reason, so our plane was a bit late. I hate small planes. This one only had 2 seats on each side. I much prefer the smallest I fly on to be 3 seats on each side or bigger. I don't feel everything so much that way, you know, the rain storm we flew through, the turbulence, the drop when we begin to land.....They had to take one of our carry ons and stow it underneath. Since the plane was small it wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment.

View of the top of the clouds from Wynn's window

But we made it safe and sound, found our stop and car in one try (thanks to camera phones to take pictures of the stop number and car isle) and was met outside by the 3 youngers at 1:00am. They missed us! (and we missed them)

Now to bed. I'll think about downloading the pictures to the computer some time next week. Then I'll get them put on the blogs.

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