Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Hurry

Yep. Today started in the workout room...again. Then reading a book. Wynn chose to go to In-and-Out burger again and get a cheeseburger animal style. Dad, that just means that it has extra sauce and sauteed onions and stuff on it. It was really good, I tasted his. Then back to class for him, more reading for me.

When he got back from class, we got ready to go to Newport Beach to the Temple. It was even prettier in person than in the pictures. I had looked up info on the internet and found out session schedules. In Logan, we have sessions every 1/2 hour. In Newport Beach they have sessions every 1 1/2 hours. That was interesting. We got there in time to take pictures outside on the grounds and then make the 6:00pm session. Or so we thought. We found out that they had 2 stakes coming in that day all the sessions were full. We were supposed to make reservations if we had wanted to do a session. Hmmmmm. Who knew and who would have thought? Are all smaller Temples this way? I think that is awesome that they stay that busy. All the people were so super nice. They did tell us we could get in to do sealings. That was actually perfect. We hadn't gone just to do that for quite a while. We got in with some young single adults. They were the cutest. The whole place was so layed back, yet so spiritual. It is a beautiful Temple. I am so glad we went.

Pictures when we first arrived:

Moroni atop the Newport Beach Temple

Us in the back gardens of the Temple

The fountains in the back gardens of the Temple

Pictures as we were leaving:

Front side of the Temple

View from the parking lot

Probably my favorite picture of the whole vacation!

As I was going through the pictures of the Temple to decide which ones use for this blog, I had so many I had a hard time choosing. I have decided to just put a few here and will do a whole blog later with just the pictures of the Temple.

After the Temple we went to Los Brisas on Laguna Beach. We sat on the patio, like Tawnya suggested. Wynn got the Grilled Ahi Burger and I got the Sea Bass Crevaste. They were both super delicious! We got the waiter to take a picture of us. And Tawnya was can't beat the view from the patio. I just couldn't get a decent picture, so you'll have to take my work for it.

View from the patio

Dinner on the patio. Oh YUM!

One of the Young Single Adult men we were in the Temple with caught Wynn before we left and told him that after Los Brisos we had to go down to Treasure Island Park. They have a walk way that is all lit up at night, AND they light up the water. It was beautiful. I'm so glad we went even though I was getting cold again. I did get some pictures though they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. On my cameras night setting, I just have to aim and shoot and hold until done. I can't really see what I'm taking a picture of until it's taken. They turned out ok, I think, but still not as beautiful as it was.

Treasure Island Park Plaque at the beginning of the path

The waves crashing on the rocks. Lights under the water.

The lights under the water

The benches along the pathway

So adding to my list of saving up for a laptop, I add saving up for a nicer with a battery pack instead of batteries that run out after a few pictures!

Now I have to start thinking of going home. In the morning I get to pack everything up and tomorrow afternoon we will head to LA to the airport. But for now, it's been a great vacation!

Oh, and Tawnya you're right, I found some cool stores. I just didn't get to buy anything today. Yesterday I did buy a cute pair of Peirre Dumas sandals though.

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tawnya said...

Las Brisas is the best. I miss it. I love all the lights on the beach at night.

Yes, all the smaller temples you need reservations for sessions. We saw the Newport Beach temple the last time we went to Dana Point. We had Sammy with us, though...