Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Is P-Day

Wynn and I both got an email today! I guess Tuesday is Gary's P-Day in the MTC. I was so excited to hear from him even though it was just one line to let me know he was OK (there is 3 missionaries with swine flu in there). I figured they would have called us if it was him. And to let me know what his email is and that he just sent a package home and there is a longer letter to me in that.

Wynn got a longer email, but I have a letter coming in the package. He has seen a few friends but is so busy. He said he just doesn't know how anyone gets to do the fun things there are to do in the MTC. He has tried and there is just no time. The first couple of days there seems there is time, but there's not. He is working all day long and goes to bed every night exhausted with things he didn't get to. He loves the work! I'm so glad that he has such a great work ethic that this isn't going faze him.

With the flu outbreak, only the new missionaries are aloud to enter the MTC. The families have to say good-bye outside. I don't know if this would be better or worse. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing and just don't know how it could be done so it isn't so heart wrenching. I don't think there is a way. The missionaries that are supposed to be leaving now are being detained for about a week. At this point, Gary is still scheduled to leave June 15th.

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