Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End Of June 2009 Poster

I can't believe it's the end of June already. Time to update the poster pictures!

Still a lot of stickers to go, but so much fuller than the end of May! Even the writing part is filling up!

And the turtles were joined by bugs.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tanner Swimming Vids #2 Woohoo Amazing!

Look at how he did today. Better than yesterday!
(4 very short videos, big progress)

Look how far I made it

Better today

No arms today!

Dolphin kick (he's better at it w/0 the boogie board)

I actually had one of the mom's ask why would I have him in 3 swimming lesson sessions this summer. She commented heavily on that it's SO much money. (not thinking that her having 3 kids in 1 session is the same amount, and that it's not her money that's paying for him)But she also commented on how she just dreads this because it takes so_much_time. They were in at 8:00am. Nothing is open. What else are you going to be doing? Why not be here?

Now look at what he learned today. WOOHOO!
(4 short videos but big AMAZING progress!)

Just a noodle? Never without a life jacket before!

What he does at the end sets up for the next one

Yes! Twice!

And a third!

Last year, going off the diving board even with a life jacket on was next to impossible to get him to do. He got better this winter as we went more. And to think that last year (last week!) he wouldn't even go near the deep end without a life jacket. Now he's jumping and swimming in the deep end with no help! This is only his 2nd session. And this is exactly why I put him in 3.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Life This Week...So Far/Tanner swimming vids


    • Tanner's swimming lessons. They kept him in the higher level. Yeah! We'll see how he does.
    • Went to the movie at the theater. Kung Fu Panda. Yep seen it before, will probably see it again. We love it.
    • Got all my pictures off my camera. Took a while but it's done!


    • Tanner's swimming lessons. He did Ok. Don't know that he'll progress enough to pass this time, but at least they didn't move him down. (The vids are all super short)

    His teacher is Drew's friend from high school

    He did better on his first swim across the pool but I didn't have the camera ready. He is a little tired on this trip.

    Can't get the concept of no arms quite yet

    Better this time!

    • Movie at the library...Tale of Despereaux. Hadn't seen it before. Wasn't what I was expecting. It was ok.
    • The library called as soon as we got home from the movie. Our books on hold were in, so we went back down and got them.
    • Got all of my pictures put on my blogs of the vacation. Took all day. SUPER YEAH!!! They start on June 7th. Go ahead. Take a look. I'm not a great photographer, but some of them are actually rather good!


    • Tanner swimming lessons. (Even shorter vids)

    Not quite comfortable

    The penguin dive/no help

    • Took Morgan to the doctor. He was afraid her cough was because of asthma. It wasn't! She just has junk in her lungs. Relief. He gave her meds and some nasty cough med for night time. She can't take it during the day he said because it does some funny stuff to ya. Hmmmm.
    • Read.
    • It's warm. But not as hot as it would be without my new curtains. It's such a short period that it gets warm in here I think we can live. We'll see what happens if we get hotter days than today.

    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    Happy Father's Day 2009

    First is my dad, Gary. Though he had to work a lot while we were growing up, I do remember him doing things with us. He taught us the value of hard work. I remember all the seemingly countless days spent going to get loads of wood. Some were for us, others to sell. I remember moving and stacking the brush and then carrying the wood to the truck to be stacked. We never left without a full cord of wood. Back then he even let us ride in the back of the truck. I also remember going to Grandpa's ranch to round up and brand cattle. Little did he know then, but these things helped me when I married a dairy farmer. Getting wood in Star Valley was a piece of cake compared to New Mexico!
    I also remember him teaching us to play. I remember many Sunday afternoons spent playing Crocinos (?) my favorite, Clue, Sorry, Life....... I also remember bike rides and watching him and mom play tennis. Happy Father's Day Dad.

    Dad and Andy at Andy's wedding 11-21-2008
    Wynn's dad Dean raised Wynn on the dairy farm. He taught him hard work as well. He always likes to play with the grandkids and would take a minute here and there in the middle of chores to tease them or chase them or.....
    Now he lives in the middle of the city in Utah and misses Wyoming's open spaces. So even though we don't live in Wyoming anymore either, he likes to come stay with us occasionally "Because there's less houses." Happy Father's Day Dean!

    Grandpa Jenkins and Tanner at Grandpa's Utah house 5-8-2009

    And my husband and father of my children, Wynn. He puts up with me being a 'city girl', even though I do know how to work hard when I need to, and help him with whatever project he's doing now. He tolerates me being ditzy with just a shake of the head and a "That would be my wife." He has also taught our kids the value of hard work, first through the dairy, then the cabinet shop and now just in a regular job by chores around the house. He is strict but fair and we all love him. Happy Father's Day Babe!

    From all of us. What could it be? The big red one is HEAVY!

    YEAH!!! Just what he's been asking for forever!

    And I even thought to get him a carry bag for it.

    He has not only wanted this for camping, but because of my back, he does the canning in the family. He is sooooo excited to have it for that. We hate cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and this will help tons with that!

    They made a point of showing me what it says on the box. They think this means I have to go camping. I don't know. I've never been in my life yet.

    Happy Father's Day to the 3 Father's in our life!

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    No More Bunkbeds In My House!!!

    What a day. When I plan out what to do in a day, it doesn't always go as easily as it seems it will in my mind.

    When we moved in this house, Tanner picked his room because the closet had a low bar that he could reach his own clothes. At the time he didn't like being by himself, so Gary, being the nice guy he is, and although being a junior in high school, said he would share with him. So all the toys and games and trains etc, went in what would have been Gary's room. The next summer before his Senior year, he asked if he could have his own room. So all the toys and games went into Tanners closet (since it's a walk-in) and Tanners trains on his bedroom floor. Needless to say, that room was hard to keep clean. I wish we would have gotten a before picture this morning. His closet was a disaster! So we had decided that when Gary left, we would move the toys and games back to the closet of what would now be the guest room. And that is what we had planned on doing today. Planned on.

    We went to the store to get Morgan some curtains I found for her room. While at the store, I had a brilliant idea to move everything out of the hall closet (which was being used for the bathrooms extra supply storage) into the 3 bathrooms, somehow, and use the hall closet for the game/toy closet instead. Then Gary & Drew's stuff and the extra bedding could go in the closet of the guest bedroom and still have room for using the closet. Easier said than done. We even moved the kids books out of the office and into Tanner's closet. I haven't liked the bookcase we had in the office and so kept one of the bookcases in his closet that we had been using for the games and probably going to sell the one out of the office. Here are the results....

    Game closet now in the hall

    Look how organized it all is now!
    And I still need to dejunk the toy part of it.

    The now guest room
    And there is still room in the closet

    Tanner's new bed (need to get the headboard/footboard)

    And it's a pillow top...comfy!


    View from the closet
    Look how clean the floor is, you can walk in here now!

    Wall of posters from Wynn's (daddy's) work

    How clean is this closet!!!

    Still need to make him new curtains

    Before pillows

    After pillows

    Before curtains

    After curtains

    One side of Morgan's room

    What a difference the finishing touches make

    Her matching lamp

    Now I can't wait to get to Tanner's curtains, the office and my room. What a difference those last little touches make.

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Tanner's And The Bee's Day

    Today was the last day for Tanner's swimming lessons...for THIS week. His teacher wasn't there and he had a substitute. The paper didnt' say whether he had passed or not, and she had 2 papers there with his name on it. Lexie asked the sub and she didn't know. But she did say that with all the things that he was doing today while she was there, she would move him up to the next level next week, then they would just move him down again if they felt he should be. YEAH TANNER!!! (my batteries were dead in my camera again, so pictures later)

    There was a bee in my entryway window. I laugh now at what happened after reading this link Tawnya has on her blog. (Really? Are you serious?) Well, I went to pull up the blind so I could swat and kill, yes kill, this bee. I don't know what happened but the blind broke. In pieces All_over_the_floor. Irrepairable. It was crawling on the pole of the flag I had in the window (to keep it in out of all the rain we've had) so I couldn't get it. Tanner is allergic to bee stings so I didn't want it to take off flying through the house. I picked up the flag and released the bee outside, putting the flag up outside again. So does this make me a more humane person than President Obama? Or Morgan that killed a fly with a fly swatter in the family room tonight? I'm sorry. That's funny.

    Going after the bee and the blind breaking turned out to be good though. We don't have central air, or good windows for that matter. And the back of the house faces east, the front west, and that's where all the windows are. The sun comes in right over the top of the trees every day as the sun goes farther in the west. It got blazing hot in here with nothing covering the entryway window.

    Wynn got off work early, so I told him I wanted to go get a Thermal Curtain to put up on that window. They are expensive so I have just kept putting them off, but since I needed something on that window anyway, I figured now is the time. And I would just start getting them one room at a time. When we got to Shop-ko, they were on sale. Yeah! I got curtains for all the windows in my room, the living room, entryway, office and Elder Gary's/guest room. It cost a bit, but only about 1/2 what it would have normally. They only had about half the curtains I needed for my room, so I'll get the rest of them later, and least there is at least 1 panel on each of the windows in there. The back side of the house and the basement rooms will all come later. While there I found some cute pillows for Morgan's bed that I had been looking for for a year. (pictures to come) So should I say Thanks to the bee!

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Happy Birthday Sis!

    It is my sister, Sandra's, birthday!!! She is (hmmmm) years old today! I don't care if people know how old I am, but not everybody feels that way, so I won't put her very young age on here. She is always so good about posting about us on our birthdays, with pictures and memories, etc. Sorry, don't have any pictures. :( You would think that with all the weddings lately I would have one. Nope. Shame on me. But I do have memories. Hehehehe. Ok. It's your birthday. I'll be nice.

    I remember when we were going to Harrison Schmidt Elementary School. She is only 2 years older than me, so was 2 grades higher. I was always sick it seemed. I was also very shy (still am, just try to seem I'm not). She always looked out for me and took care of me at school. I remember one day, had to be around Valentines because I remember wearing my pink corduroy jumper with the heart pockets on it that mom had made me. I wasn't feeling well so Sandra took me to the cement pad by the doors of the school and made me a place to lay down on our jackets. (notice jackets in February, not coats) She stayed with me all recess to make sure I was ok.

    Fast forward to High School. We were in the same Geometry class. She didn't sit by me but did sit close. She would just say good job when I did well, even when my grade was higher than hers. She must have just been amazed that I could get an A+ in there, cause math is NOT one of my strong suits and my friends and I were always talking and visiting. (and yes, I did my own work)

    Then the time we were riding home on the bus. We were sitting in the same seat together. One of the neighbor boys was sitting behind us, I don't remember his name, and started saying some pretty disgusting unappropriate things to me. Sandra told him to shut up and leave me alone. He was way bigger than either of us. He kept saying these things and wouldn't shut up. So I turned around and proceded to beat him up right there on the bus. He ran home crying. Sandra never even told on me for beating the poor guy up.

    What a great sis. Always looking out for me.

    Well, Happy Birthday Sis! Guess we were never bored when we were together huh?

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Surprise Call

    The day started out at the pool for Tanner's swimming lessons, then off to buy Wynn's Fathers Day present. We all go in together so the kids can get him something nice. I'm not saying what it is just in case he happens to be reading this today. I never know. Then home to do a few daily things and suddenly it's time to fix lunch. The library has kids movie day Tuesdays at 2:00 in the summer. I figured we probably ought to eat before we go. Today it was Disney's Camp Rock. It was Ok. Better than Lexie and I thought it was going to be.

    While I was fixing lunch the phone rang. No big deal, it tends to do that. Morgan brought me the phone saying, 'It's Elder Tripp?' I knew that name. He called me yesterday. I hadn't had any "something's wrong" feelings, so I wasn't concerned. I just told Morgan, 'Ya, he's in Texas.' and took the phone.

    He told me that Elder Gary had asked him to call me. He informed me that Elder Gary needed a bike and since we didn't receive the information packet from the mission home he hadn't come prepared to buy one. I knew that. He told me they run from $350 to $500. If we couldn't do that right now he could borrow one for a while. I told him it was Ok. I had transferred money into Elder Gary's account already yesterday for this very purpose and how much I had transferred. I had put enough without even knowing how much it would cost. He could just go buy what he needed. I am so glad Elder Gary prepared in so many ways for his mission. We had no idea he would need a bike, or how much it would cost, yet he has money set aside so that these things won't be a problem. I checked his account later, he has a nice bike and he could buy it with no worrying if the nice one was going to be a strain on us.

    While I had Elder Tripp on the phone, I couldn't help but ask him if he could tell me where Elder Gary was being sent. He said 'Sure. Not a problem. He's going to a little town called Canyon, Texas. I served there for 4 months and I loved it. He should be there in about 3 hours.' Canyon. Hmmmm. I had never heard of that one before.

    I got on the trusty internet and looked it up. I found it, and there in front of me just over 19 miles away staring me in the face was Happy, Texas. I couldn't help laughing. There is a movie called Happy, Texas that one of their friends in Evanston introduced them too! It is one of those movies that is kinda dumb but yet so funny. We have laughed at that movie together. I haven't watched it for a long time. It looks like he had to drive right through it to get where he was going. We'll see if he mentions it in his letter.

    I'm so glad that Elder Gary is so well prepared in so many ways. He's going to be an awesome missionary and I think they can already tell that there. I know he'll stay close to the Spirit and he'll do what ever it is he in particular was sent there to do. And I'm sure he'll have fun too, especially being that close to Happy! ;)

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    A Call From Elder Gary!!!

    I didn't take my walk this morning. I knew Elder Gary was leaving the MTC at 5:30am. His flight was leaving at 8:30am. And he was calling me somewhere in between. I figured it would take them an hour to get to the airport, 1/2 hour to check in (at least), get through security, and then to their gate. So I figured he would call somewhere between 7 and 7:30. Boy am I good.

    I got showered and had Drew monitoring both the house phone and the cell phones. Nothing. Then the home phone rang. I knew it was Gary since the Caller ID said 'pay phone'. I mean, who else would use a pay phone? I answered he said Mom? I said Yup. He asked if everybody was here and I said all but Dad. He didn't want to have to call his dad at work, he said I only have 3 minutes. And we got cut off!!! I waited a few minutes to see if he would call me back. Nothing, so I tried calling the pay phone number. It was busy. I kept trying on my cell phone figuring he would call the home phone again. Yep. Lexie answered but didn't know about collect calls. I took the phone, but the instructions were already over so I didn't know what to do, so it hung up on me. I tried calling the pay phone again. He called back and we got disconnected again. He called one more time, I accepted the charges and he asked me to PLEASE call the pay phone back.

    We got to talk to him for about 10-15 minutes before their flight was called! They were all having trouble getting the pay phones to work. (I'm not surprised. These kids grew up in the cell phone era. I'm pretty sure none of them ever used a pay phone before.) We found out that the families not being able to go in to the MTC with their missionaries anymore is not just because of the Swine Flu. It is a permanent thing. The day Elder Gary went to the MTC was the last day families got to go in. Now they have the mission districts go outside, meet the new missionary and his family, help them unload the luggage, say good-bye, and (in Elder Gary's words) jerk the missionary away. They are only allowed one car. We think this would be the easier way to do it. That hour in 'The Room' is torture as far as we are all concerned! My sister-in-law and I were talking at his farewell that there had to be a better way than 'The Room'. I think they found it! Maybe. (He called Wynn from his lay-over in Dallas.)

    After the call to/from Gary, it was time for Tanner's first day of swimming lessons for the summer. They start at 8:00, we could make it but was cutting it close and Morgan had an orthodontist appt at 8:15. The plan was that Lexie and Grandpa were going to watch Tanner while I took Morgan. Then we realized Tanner had sat his backpack down and walked out without it. So I turned around to get it, thus making us late. I figure the phone call was worth being late.

    Morgan got her braces off today!!! Her gums are swollen from not getting them good enough with the toothbrush around her braces. We'll watch for a couple of weeks and they should clear right up.

    Then at noon it was time for the weekly summer movie. One of the theaters in town shows a different movie each week of the summer, Mon-Thurs, noon and 2:00. It costs me $20 for 4 of us to go to 1 movie every week for the summer. Pretty good deal I think. Drew took them last week since I was on vacation. So we watched Hotel for Dogs. Pretty cute movie. Grandma and Grandpa even enjoyed it.

    I got a call from Elder Tripp this afternoon that Elder Gary had made it to Lubbock safe and sound. I don't know if they call all the parents, or if they called me because of the mix-up with the mission packet we didn't receive. We had a message on the answering machine from last Friday from President Robison apologizing profusely and wanting to 'reassure that they would take good care of Elder Jenkins'. (I have no doubt that it was lost in the US mail system. This isn't the only thing in the last few months that never made it to our house.)

    So Elder Gary is in Lubbock, Texas for today. We'll have to wait for a letter or email to find out what city or town he was sent to. I forgot to ask because I was surprised they called me. I'll keep you posted. I can't wait to find out!

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    The Agony

    I woke up this morning with a migraine. I got up, took numerous Advil, and put a heating pad on my feet. Yes. It works. It draws the blood from your head.

    I have had migraines as far back as I can remember. I think writing before that I remember having one on my 6th or 8th birthday even. They aren't new to me. I lived and functioned with the pain for my whole life. After I had my hysterectomy 1 1/2 years ago, I didn't have one for 7 months!!! Seriously, 7 of the most glorious months of my life. Then I got one. I couldn't bear the pain. I couldn't function and couldn't figure how I had lived with that level of pain almost every single day of my entire life.

    We went to church, I taught my lesson, went to Relief Society with Elaine, came home, ate dinner, layed down, slept. I'm sure I'm really good company for Dean and Elaine today.

    I'm going back to bed.

    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    Yard Sale-ing In The Rain

    It seemed we had just got to bed and asleep when the alarm went off at 6:00AM. I woke Wynn up and rolled back over going instantly back to sleep. I jolted awake with that 'Something isn't right' feeling and looked at my phone. It was after 7:00 and Morgan's Colorguard yard sale was supposed to start at 8:00!!! I rewoke Wynn, got Morgan up and looked outside. It was grey and wet. I was never so glad that Wynn helps her with her yard sale instead of me! They got there, set up, sold some things and didn't stick around for 2:00 to get there. They were wet and cold. Everybody packed up early I guess. I wouldn't know, I was smart enough not to be there.

    After they got home, we finished cleaning and packing up Elder Gary's room. It wasn't so hard now we waited a couple of weeks. We got it totally packed up, dusted, vacuumed and the furniture rearranged. Then Wynn told me that one of our friends from our Smithfield ward came over to the yard sale.
    He told him, "I just saw Gary."
    Wynn, "You mean Andy?"
    "No, Gary."
    "Gary is in the MTC."
    "I know. That's where I saw him. We took Logan down to the MTC Wednesday. Now that families can't go in they have the missionaries come out and get them. Gary was Logan's escort. He's looking really good. He is loving it."
    Now how cool is that! Someone who can give me personal feedback on how my Elder Gary is doing!

    Drew brought Dean, Wynn's dad, up with her this weekend. He really doesn't like living in the SLC valley at all. He feels there are too many people and too many houses. Elaine decided to come up at the last minute too, so we'll have the both of them until Drew goes back down Monday night. I hope Elaine does ok. She really is a home body these days, but we don't think she would do so good being away from Dean that long either. It'll be fun for them to get away for a while and the kids will keep them entertained I'm sure. This means they'll be here Monday when Elder Gary calls. That will be a surprise for him! I hope they do ok being away from home. We got them all situated in Elder Gary's room. Good thing we got done before they got here!

    It's official, I Like Bigger Planes!

    Wynn got out of class early today (ok, yesterday) to make sure we made it back to the car rental return and the airport in time. We figured we would get there 3 hours early depending on traffic_heading north_from Lake Forest_on the California freeway_on a Friday. It went really well. We got to our exit for the car rental and they were starting to back up just in front of it. We were glad we were early. We stopped to gas up the car before dropping it off, I got hit on by the gas station attendant, but not gross hit on, just funny cute hit on. I imagine he does it to everybody.

    After dropping off the car, we caught the shuttle to the airport, checked in our '1 suitcase each' (only really it was 2 under Wynn's name) and headed to the gate and to get something to eat. We ate at Ruby's dinette. HOLY COW! $30 for 2 hamburgers, 2 drinks, and 1 order of garlic fries!!! They were good, but I think I would have just gone hungry if we were paying for it.

    Ruby's Dinnette at the airport

    Lunch....greasy but oh so good. Garlic fries!

    They had to switch planes in SLC because of some reason, so our plane was a bit late. I hate small planes. This one only had 2 seats on each side. I much prefer the smallest I fly on to be 3 seats on each side or bigger. I don't feel everything so much that way, you know, the rain storm we flew through, the turbulence, the drop when we begin to land.....They had to take one of our carry ons and stow it underneath. Since the plane was small it wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment.

    View of the top of the clouds from Wynn's window

    But we made it safe and sound, found our stop and car in one try (thanks to camera phones to take pictures of the stop number and car isle) and was met outside by the 3 youngers at 1:00am. They missed us! (and we missed them)

    Now to bed. I'll think about downloading the pictures to the computer some time next week. Then I'll get them put on the blogs.

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    This Is It

    Today did not start out in the workout room. Wynn went to class and I just watched TV and started to pack to go home. Today I have to start thinking about what faces me tomorrow. Today all the stations go to digital tv. We should be OK since we have satellite. Morgan has her colorguard yard sale in the morning. Hope it isn't raining for that. After the yard sale we have to finish packing up Gary's room because Drew is bringing Wynn's dad home with her for the weekend tomorrow night. Tanner has swimming lessons starting Monday and Gary is calling Monday morning before flying to Texas!!! Has it been that long already?

    But I don't want to think of all that now. I don't want to think of packing. I don't want to think of the drive to LAX. I want to think of just sitting in the family room type area they have hear at the hotel reading while Wynn goes to class this afternoon. I have to sit there because we will already be checked out of the room, but I don't want to think of that either.

    June gloom or not, it has been a good vacation. We got to do a lot of things and the sun actually came out when we went to see the beaches. I don't think the water is ever warm here though. Even when the weather is good or even in September or October when it's hot here. I know, because I've been here then. So for now I guess I will go finish packing.

    So goodbye California. Just not yet!

    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    No Hurry

    Yep. Today started in the workout room...again. Then reading a book. Wynn chose to go to In-and-Out burger again and get a cheeseburger animal style. Dad, that just means that it has extra sauce and sauteed onions and stuff on it. It was really good, I tasted his. Then back to class for him, more reading for me.

    When he got back from class, we got ready to go to Newport Beach to the Temple. It was even prettier in person than in the pictures. I had looked up info on the internet and found out session schedules. In Logan, we have sessions every 1/2 hour. In Newport Beach they have sessions every 1 1/2 hours. That was interesting. We got there in time to take pictures outside on the grounds and then make the 6:00pm session. Or so we thought. We found out that they had 2 stakes coming in that day all the sessions were full. We were supposed to make reservations if we had wanted to do a session. Hmmmmm. Who knew and who would have thought? Are all smaller Temples this way? I think that is awesome that they stay that busy. All the people were so super nice. They did tell us we could get in to do sealings. That was actually perfect. We hadn't gone just to do that for quite a while. We got in with some young single adults. They were the cutest. The whole place was so layed back, yet so spiritual. It is a beautiful Temple. I am so glad we went.

    Pictures when we first arrived:

    Moroni atop the Newport Beach Temple

    Us in the back gardens of the Temple

    The fountains in the back gardens of the Temple

    Pictures as we were leaving:

    Front side of the Temple

    View from the parking lot

    Probably my favorite picture of the whole vacation!

    As I was going through the pictures of the Temple to decide which ones use for this blog, I had so many I had a hard time choosing. I have decided to just put a few here and will do a whole blog later with just the pictures of the Temple.

    After the Temple we went to Los Brisas on Laguna Beach. We sat on the patio, like Tawnya suggested. Wynn got the Grilled Ahi Burger and I got the Sea Bass Crevaste. They were both super delicious! We got the waiter to take a picture of us. And Tawnya was right.....you can't beat the view from the patio. I just couldn't get a decent picture, so you'll have to take my work for it.

    View from the patio

    Dinner on the patio. Oh YUM!

    One of the Young Single Adult men we were in the Temple with caught Wynn before we left and told him that after Los Brisos we had to go down to Treasure Island Park. They have a walk way that is all lit up at night, AND they light up the water. It was beautiful. I'm so glad we went even though I was getting cold again. I did get some pictures though they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. On my cameras night setting, I just have to aim and shoot and hold until done. I can't really see what I'm taking a picture of until it's taken. They turned out ok, I think, but still not as beautiful as it was.

    Treasure Island Park Plaque at the beginning of the path

    The waves crashing on the rocks. Lights under the water.

    The lights under the water

    The benches along the pathway

    So adding to my list of saving up for a laptop, I add saving up for a nicer camera....one with a battery pack instead of batteries that run out after a few pictures!

    Now I have to start thinking of going home. In the morning I get to pack everything up and tomorrow afternoon we will head to LA to the airport. But for now, it's been a great vacation!

    Oh, and Tawnya you're right, I found some cool stores. I just didn't get to buy anything today. Yesterday I did buy a cute pair of Peirre Dumas sandals though.

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    More Vacation Adventures

    Today started out the same....I hit the exercise room, 20 minutes on the elliptical then 60 on the treadmill. Ice Cream and hot chocolate every day is not something I usually indulge in. Wynn actually came in half way through the treadmill and ran for a while.

    I did some more reading while Wynn was at class, then we headed to lunch. Today he picked Sushi. We went to the Kotosushi Sushi Bar. I don't know anything about Sushi, I chose not to order anything and just sample Wynn's. He doesn't know anything about Sushi either. He got a Combination Special plate with 3 sushi, 6 something else and 8 rolls, all the chef's choice and a coke. It came with salad or Misho soup. The Misho soup was Ok-ish. The rest of it was......not so good. Gag. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth the rest of the afternoon. I'm glad I didn't order anything. That was the most expensive we've had so far, $18 for that, and I didn't even order anything! There were other people there that had things that actually looked like they would have tasted good. No. We wound up with the actual raw fish you hear so much about. I won't do that again! Next time I will look at someone else's plate and say, "I'll have what they are having."!


    Sushi.......don't like so much

    When we got back from lunch the maid hadn't come yet, so I headed to the computer to check messages, update and look up directions to a couple places we want to go. Went back to the room and finished my book. It hasn't taken me that long to read a book in a long time. Maybe it was that I didn't actually get to read all day. Interruptions like lunch, dinner, sight seeing...

    For dinner today we decided to stay more local. We went to Laguna Hills to the Laguna Hills Mall. Our friend from the plane is the manager at the Rubio's Mexican Grill there. He is moving though and going to be the Manager at the Rubio's in AF. We exchanged emails and plan on getting together once they are settled. We had 2 fish tacos and 2 gourmet tacos--1 shrimp and one steak, with chips and beans on the side. It was delicious! Thanks Jeff for helping us pick. It made me forget all about the lunch we couldn't eat. Then we went to cinnabon, 1 regular and 1 pecan carmel and 1 tropical drink I can't remember. There is a reason I don't eat these things. I see extra time on the treadmill and elliptical for that one, since I had a hot chocolate when I got back to hotel too. I may have to be checked as cargo on the way home!


    Nice rules

    I took this one for Drew!

    Our new friend from the plane! He was such a great help.

    I did do a little shopping, but there really haven't been stores that I don't have at home. It's no longer like it used to be when you went on vacation and found those things you couldn't find at home. I think the internet has made it a much smaller world.

    My cute sandals!

    Wynn actually went out to the hot tub tonight. I personally don't see any appeal in getting in water outside when it is only 63* and then having to get out in the wind, no thank you. I was freezing already. The computer room temperature was much more to my liking.

    Tuesday, June 09, 2009

    More Fun Planned

    My day started in the workout room, again. I wish I was one of those women who were just automatically thin so I didn't have to work out on vacation and could eat whatever I wanted. But I'm not, so there you have it. I start my day in the workout room even on vacation....

    While Wynn went to class, I read a book. Right now I'm reading one I was given as an exit present for AmeriCorps. I can read it with no strings attached. It's 'A Good Yarn' by Debbie Macomber. Not one I would have picked up off the shelf myself probably, but it's OK, just not my favorite. We had to read her latest one for AmeriCorps this spring. Maybe I'll have to go to the library and start the series from the beginning. Maybe if they were in order they would be more interesting to me. It's taking me longer than I thought it would, but I'll finish.

    While the maid was in the room I came down to check email, etc. I got an email from Gary!!! YEAH! He flies out to Lubbock next Monday morning. I can't believe it's almost that time already. He is supposed to call me before 8:30am. Tanner has swimming lessons at 8:00am, so I need to make sure Gary calls my cell phone.

    We went to Rudy's grill for lunch. It was really good. I had soup and salad...BBQ Ranch Chicken salad and a small bowl of Tortilla Soup. They were really good. I am so glad I only got a 1/2 order on the salad, it was big. Wynn ordered Fish and Chips. He also had a malt vinegar to put on it. It was really yummy too. I can't believe how much fish he is eating. He doesn't really care for it much.

    Soup and 1/2 Salad

    Fish and Chips

    After class we drove to Balboa Island and took the ferry over to Balboa Peninsula like my friend Vicki told me too. It's only a 1/4 mile ferry ride, so it only cost $1/person.

    Driving to the Ferry on Balboa Island to go to Balboa Peninsula

    View from the Ferry on the way over to the Peninsula

    On Balboa Peninsula

    Going to the beach

    We walked down to the beach, but again, it was super windy. I put on my trusty Old Navy flip flops and walked down to the edge of the water. Not too far though because I didn't want to get wet. Wynn was taking a picture of me, wanting to get a wave in the background and not paying attention to how big the wave actually was. Ya. My capris got soaked to just above the knee. Was it ever cold! And it almost sucked my flip flops off my feet! I was so glad I had changed from my leather sandals! There is sand in the car now. That's why you rent one, right? Then you don't have to clean it all up?

    On the beach

    Look at the wind blowing my belt across me. At the bottom of the picture, my capris are soaked above the knee!

    We walked around some more, looking at all the beach condos for rent for vacation. We found out the ones on the beach are about $2000.00/week, the ones just back from that are cheaper.

    Some of the condos.

    Then it was time to get a Balboa Bar. We weren't sure and didn't want to just wander around, so we went into a shop and asked the guy. He was no help. He worked there but had never even heard of them. He figured they must be new. Ah, no. I told him we were looking for the Balboa Bars ice cream that had been around since 1936. He didn't have a clue what we were talking about. So we crossed the street and asked someone else. Yep, a block away we got a Balboa Bar, Wynn's rolled in peanuts, mine in sprinkles. It was really good.

    Getting the Balboa Bars. Mmmmmm!

    I forgot to get a picture of the actual Bars!!!

    On the way back to the Ferry, to go back to Balboa Island, I got a picture of a tiny little car. I've seen them before, but they are all over the place here. Well them and the Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Jags, and they are all new......And in Utah the majority of cars are white, and older. Every where you turn there is another white vehicle. Even Tanner has commented on it. And now the car Wynn just bought is white. I have noticed here that there seems to be an abundance of silver cars. Seriously. And our rental car is silver. Hmmmmm. Just an observance.

    The little cars that are all over here in California

    The Ferry back to Balboa Island. We went as pedestrians. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the Ferry.

    View from the Ferry on the way back to the Island

    We headed back to the hotel. After the wave and the ice cream, the cool temps and wind, I needed a stop at Starbucks. Nope, I haven't turned to a latte. Their Carmel Hot Chocolate is the best though.