Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tanner Swimming Vids #2 Woohoo Amazing!

Look at how he did today. Better than yesterday!
(4 very short videos, big progress)

Look how far I made it

Better today

No arms today!

Dolphin kick (he's better at it w/0 the boogie board)

I actually had one of the mom's ask why would I have him in 3 swimming lesson sessions this summer. She commented heavily on that it's SO much money. (not thinking that her having 3 kids in 1 session is the same amount, and that it's not her money that's paying for him)But she also commented on how she just dreads this because it takes so_much_time. They were in at 8:00am. Nothing is open. What else are you going to be doing? Why not be here?

Now look at what he learned today. WOOHOO!
(4 short videos but big AMAZING progress!)

Just a noodle? Never without a life jacket before!

What he does at the end sets up for the next one

Yes! Twice!

And a third!

Last year, going off the diving board even with a life jacket on was next to impossible to get him to do. He got better this winter as we went more. And to think that last year (last week!) he wouldn't even go near the deep end without a life jacket. Now he's jumping and swimming in the deep end with no help! This is only his 2nd session. And this is exactly why I put him in 3.

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lexie jane said...

yeah for tanner!!! i am so proud of you!!