Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

First is my dad, Gary. Though he had to work a lot while we were growing up, I do remember him doing things with us. He taught us the value of hard work. I remember all the seemingly countless days spent going to get loads of wood. Some were for us, others to sell. I remember moving and stacking the brush and then carrying the wood to the truck to be stacked. We never left without a full cord of wood. Back then he even let us ride in the back of the truck. I also remember going to Grandpa's ranch to round up and brand cattle. Little did he know then, but these things helped me when I married a dairy farmer. Getting wood in Star Valley was a piece of cake compared to New Mexico!
I also remember him teaching us to play. I remember many Sunday afternoons spent playing Crocinos (?) my favorite, Clue, Sorry, Life....... I also remember bike rides and watching him and mom play tennis. Happy Father's Day Dad.

Dad and Andy at Andy's wedding 11-21-2008
Wynn's dad Dean raised Wynn on the dairy farm. He taught him hard work as well. He always likes to play with the grandkids and would take a minute here and there in the middle of chores to tease them or chase them or.....
Now he lives in the middle of the city in Utah and misses Wyoming's open spaces. So even though we don't live in Wyoming anymore either, he likes to come stay with us occasionally "Because there's less houses." Happy Father's Day Dean!

Grandpa Jenkins and Tanner at Grandpa's Utah house 5-8-2009

And my husband and father of my children, Wynn. He puts up with me being a 'city girl', even though I do know how to work hard when I need to, and help him with whatever project he's doing now. He tolerates me being ditzy with just a shake of the head and a "That would be my wife." He has also taught our kids the value of hard work, first through the dairy, then the cabinet shop and now just in a regular job by chores around the house. He is strict but fair and we all love him. Happy Father's Day Babe!

From all of us. What could it be? The big red one is HEAVY!

YEAH!!! Just what he's been asking for forever!

And I even thought to get him a carry bag for it.

He has not only wanted this for camping, but because of my back, he does the canning in the family. He is sooooo excited to have it for that. We hate cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and this will help tons with that!

They made a point of showing me what it says on the box. They think this means I have to go camping. I don't know. I've never been in my life yet.

Happy Father's Day to the 3 Father's in our life!


Dad Mom said...

Thank You Love Dad

Sandra said...

I find it amazing that you have never been camping. Even I have been camping. Don't love it, but I have gone.