Sunday, October 31, 2010

End of October 2010 Mission Poster

Fall is well on its way. Another month, fun days, and Halloween are all over.
And even more stickers are on the poster!

Looking AWESOME!!! Row 7 into the second half.

That triangle is dwindling down.....

Yep, the numbers just keep getting better and better looking!

Halloween 2010

Halloween is a favorite holiday at our house. We love the dressing up for school/work. The dressing up for trick or treating. Seeing all the cute/scary/weird kids that come for candy.

Well, here is who and/or what we were this year...

Wynn the gunslinger

Pretty normal, huh?

Mom the hippie
(both school & passing out candy night of)
And this was Elder Gary's costume the last Halloween before
leaving on his mission.........
(nobody recognized me in this.....the kids, coworkers, friends,
people in the ward....)

Scary part is how much I LOOK LIKE HIM IN IT!!!
Nothing feminine here!
(absolutely wore my 5 inch heels to
church the next day!)

Drew as Pebbles for work on Friday

Drew as a ghost for Halloween night


Morgan the zombie
(for school)

Nothing like her Homecoming pics huh?

Lexie ready for her Hillbilly prom?

Ain't she purty?

Lexie and friends RaQuel and Sharilyn
The Purple Ninjas
ready for trick or treating

Scary Ninja pose

Tanner wanted to be a baby girl doll
(both for school/and treating)
after all, his dad and brother (Elder Gary)
had both done it before!

And isn't he a cutie!!!
(nobody recognized him either!)
And now you see why we love Halloween. How can you not? We have soooooo much fun. Hope you had fun too!