Sunday, May 31, 2009

End Of May 2009 Poster

Here is Gary's Mission poster at the end of May. There is still a lot more stickers to put on, but at least it's not completely empty any more!

That little turtle isn't so lonely anymore!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Got A Letter!

We got a letter from Gary today! I guess the doctors office missed an MMR when they were copying down his shots for his mission record. I need to send him a copy or he'll have to get another shot.

His companion is Elder Whipple from Layton. Gary is the senior companion. I guess I never thought about this when Andy went. I just figured there were missionaries that were there already, that weren't leaving quite yet, going to the same mission and they were the senior companions. Nope. Both companions enter the MTC the very same day. How did I miss that 3 years ago?

He is no longer nervous and ate a huge meal Wednesday night. I figured he would once the unknown became known.

He is feeling the importance of the mission. As senior companion he has so much to read and do. We could already feel such a strong spirit coming off his letter.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Wednesday and Thursday night Tanner has been sleeping in Gary's bed because he misses him. And he says it's more comfortable than his! The first night Moose slept by himself on Tanners bed. The next night he came and got me, took me to Tanners room and showed me that Tanner wasn't in the bottom bunk where he usually sleeps. (When Drew is home, she sleeps in the bottom bunk and Tanner sleeps on the top bunk. Then I have to help Moose get up there so he can sleep with Tanner.)

Since Tanner wasn't on the bottom he kept looking up at the top bunk and meowing at me until I lifted him up there and showed him Tanner wasn't there. He jumped down and meowed pitifully until I carried him to Gary's room and showed him Tanner was in Gary's bed. He jumped out of my arms onto the floor and looked at the bed, then in Tanner's room and then at me, meowing the whole time. I went to Tanners room and got Mooses blanket to put on Gary's bed. He jumped up on to it and layed down to sleep with Tanner and left me alone the rest of the night.

As soon as Tanner got up, Moose went to Tanner's room to sleep, so I had to move the blanket. I heard much noise coming from Tanner's room and couldn't figure out what Moose was doing. I just figured he was playing with his toys that Tanner has in there for him. Then it got quiet. I had to look and then ran for my camera. This is what I found....

He had to work to get the blanket the way he wanted it!

A lot of good that blanket is doing keeping cat hair off the bed! His head was completely covered with just his legs sticking out before I got the camera. More often than not, this is how we find him sleeping.

Tonight I got a bigger blanket to cover the whole bed since Moose tends to move to where ever Tanner is. And I don't want to have to keep moving his little blanket.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bit Behind

Our internet went out for a few days so I am now once again behind on posting. Over the next little bit I will catch up on.......
  • Gary's birthday Saturday
  • Gary's 'farewell' on Sunday
  • Last 2 days with Gary on Monday and Tuesday
  • Taking Gary to the MTC on Wednesday
  • Actually have a Lexieism to post as well
  • Lexie and Tanners soccer season

I will post them with the date that they happened, so a few things might get mixed in between.

Have to get the girls off to school, Tanner up and ready for school, and myself ready for my last 2 days of work until next school year. Stay tuned, more interesting posts later!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While we were at Cabella's Lexie decided she wanted to go on the elevator instead of the stairs. I saw her get on the elevator and then stood on the stairs to make sure she got off. Drew was downstairs and after what seemed an exceptionally long time I started to worry. I hadn't seen her get off so I asked Drew if she had seen her. Nope. I went back upstairs and called the elevator. It was empty. Not panicing yet. She could have gotten off in the mean time. I got on the elevator and pushed the button I thought was for the first floor. As soon as the doors opened I knew what had happened. They doors in the front AND the back of the elevator on the 1st floor! She had done as I had and pushed the button for the rear doors. She was confused and went back up. An employee got on and helped her go back down. She did indeed get off as I was going upstairs.

I got off the elevator and heard them calling me. I came around from the backside of the elevator and they told me what happened. I told her that was OK, I hit the same button.

Drew, 'No, it's just cause she's a crack head.'
Lexie, 'No. My head is nice and uncracked.'
Drew, 'Do you know what a crack head is?'
Lexie, 'Yep. Someone who takes the drug crack. And there are no cracks in my head either. So my head is nice and uncracked in more ways than one!'

After The MTC

It's hard to drop a child/sibling off at the MTC knowing that is the last time you'll see them for 2 years. You have to do something to get your mind off of it. After we dropped Andy off, we went to the Hogle Zoo. We let Tanner pick what he wanted to today. We went to get pizza and then to Cabela's in Lehi. It's a big store so we walked aroung and looked at the displays for quite a while. These are the only pictures I have for some reason. I know I took more, but don't know what I did to them.

Tanner wanted to take this moose home.
I told him he already has a Moose.

The moose is squeezing too tight!

but it kind of tickles

And our favorite.......

Is Lexie actually kissing the Moose that's strangling Tanner?

Off To The MTC

It's official. Today, May 27,2009, was the day. Elder Gary Dean Jenkins entered the MTC in Provo, Utah at 12:00 noon. We picked Drew up at Wynn's parents so Gary could say good-bye. They are getting older and though they are both doing better health wise, you never know. He wanted to have that chance, just in case. He will be at the MTC until June 15.

The famous missionary at the MTC sign picture

As we got here to take this picture, he looked up at the missionary that was getting his picture taken and saidm "Hi Dylan!" It was one of his friends from high school. We know not everybody gets to be here with people they know.

Wynn and I with Gary

All the kids

The Jenkins' family

As Gary went in one door, and us the other, we were asked if any of us had had a fever or the flu in the last week. Wynn had had a cold and was asked if he had been checked by a doctor. Since he hadn't been he was asked if he minded being checked out by the MTC doctors to because of the Swine Flu epidemic and trying to keep it out of the MTC. They also ask that nobody shake hands there. The missionaries aren't even allowed to shake each others hands or give a hug to a friend that is also there.

Putting on the name tag.

Me and Elder Gary Jenkins

The first time I went with anybody to the MTC was when Andy went, 3 years ago. I explained to my kids that they are lucky to live close enough to go. Many people can only afford for part or just one of the family to take them. Others put them on a plane at home and send them by themselves. I found out this was the case this very day for one of my friends from high school in New Mexico.

Setting in that room isn't any easier the second time. We sat and talked and waited. They played those Mormon commercials that make you cry when they are just on TV, bawl when you're sitting at the MTC. We sang Called To Serve. We listened to talks. The closing prayer was given by a sister missionary that will be going to Gary's mission. The whole time I could here Lexie setting down there sobbing, Andy crying, Drew crying, I tried to be strong. He hugged them all. He hugged Wynn. He hugged me. I gave him a hug good-bye and told him it would be easier to let him go if he had been a more difficult child but it's hard when he was such a good kid. I told him what a great missionary he is going to be. I turned and told everybody to just go. Go fast and don't look back.

Serve with Honor Elder Jenkins. You'll be back before any of us know it.

Gary's mission poster 5/27/2009

It sure looks empty with only 1 sticker on it. Good thing we know it will fill up fast.

That's one lonely turtle.

On the way home, Tanner asked if he could sleep in Gary's bed...'Because I miss him so much!' Of course, I said yes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Two Days

Last week one of our dear friends that Gary worked for, Lou Wilhelm, took Gary and his friend Phil fishing at Flaming Gorge. They had both worked for him hauling hay and this was his way of telling them goodbye before they left for their respective missions. They were hard workers and he really loves those boys.

Now this has been our last 2 days with Gary before he leaves on his mission. This is always an emotional time. He spent yesterday with us and his friend Chelsey Richman. Though they aren't boyfriend/girlfriend they have become the best of friends. We absolutely love her for the way she helped Gary prepare for his mission. She is a sweetheart. They went to the movie and then he got to meet her new boyfriend/guy friend(?). He approved and said he was a really nice guy.

Gary and his best friend Chelsey

Today was our last day to try to cram all those things in that you always think you'll have time to do before they leave. So what did we do? We went golfing. Wynn has always loved golfing and last Tuesday he took Gary and Tanner and Gary decided he could love this game. So he wanted to go one last time. Wynn, myself, Gary, Andy and Leza (she didn't play) went to Sherwood Hills. (it's 2 for 1 on Tuesdays) This was my first time golfing. I agree with Gary. I LOVE this game. Wynn says I was really good for my first time. I only lost one ball. Yeah me! I forgot my camera though so I didn't get any pictures which I had planned to do. It started downpouring while we were on the course, we kept playing. It stopped and I guess the rain washed off the sunblock because when we were done I was kind of red. Oh, well.

When we got home, Gary and Wynn worked on getting his room packed up. They didn't quite finish, but Gary told him what to keep, what to throw away and what was what ever. I just couldn't do it. I kept crying and that was not what he needed right now. The nerves are still here and he didn't need me crying in his face all day.

At 8:00pm we went to the Stake Presidents office for Gary to be set apart as a missionary for the Texas Lubbock mission for the duration that he needs to be there. It was a beautiful thing. The Stake President was gone so his counselor, President Younkers set him apart along with Wynn and Andy. The whole family was there. It was wonderful. The Spirit was so strong. And now he is a missionary, a man of God and we will be taking him to the MTC tomorrow morning. And though he has been preparing for this his whole life and immersing himself in all things missionary that he could for the last few months, I am going to miss him. I know this is where he is supposed to be. I know this is what he is supposed to do. I wouldn't want him anywhere else at this time. I am sp proud of him and his choices. But I am going to miss him. He is such a good son, brother and friend to all. He is an excellent example to all around loving and kind, even though he has his mischeivous side. I know he's not perfect, but he's close. He is going to be an excellent missionary for the Lord.

God speed, Elder Gary Dean Jenkins. I love you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Farewell" Talk

Today was Gary's "Farewell" at Church. All that means is that he gives a talk in Sacrament meeting before he leaves for the MTC and his mission. Thank goodness that the family doesn't have to prepare the whole meeting, talks, musical numbers, prayers...any more. (However, the girls sang when Andy left on his mission and I accompanied on the piano. The girls and I sang when Andy came home with my friend Debbe Balling accompanying on the piano.)

So now that Gary is leaving the girls and I were doing the musical number. Their cousins on the Jenkins' side had informed Morgan when Andy came home that she had to play the violin this time. So we were going to pick a song, but Gary said he had one he wanted us to do. He had picked 'Have I Done Any Good?' We couldn't find an arrangement for the violin, so Drew's most wonderful roommate, Emily Sorenson, wrote a whole arrangement for soprano, alto, piano & violin. So we had Emily-piano, Morgan-violin, Drew and Leza-soprano, Lexie and myself-alto.

Who ever planned the program put Gary speaking first and THEN us singing!!! Seriously? How were we going to do that? Drew was crying, Lexie had tears, I just plain flat didn't listen to his talk so I wouldn't be crying along with the shaking! Then a miraculous thing happened. Mike, the speaker after us, got up to talk as soon as Gary was done. We all sat down and I planned on just speaking after he was done. The counselor conducting (his dad!) had him sit down. He was so embarrassed, but it was just exactly what we needed. He will probably never know how he helped us get rid of the nervousness. We got through the song without me quitting because of tears and I think we hit mostly close to the notes we were supposed to.

After Sacrament meeting, we came home for the luncheon. Now, remember all our preparation of yesterday? It was sprinkling, then started to downpour! We had to have it inside. (When it snowed when Andy left and we had to move it inside, we were in a different house with bigger rooms.) This house is a decent size, but the rooms are very small. We took it all in stride and set up as much of a buffet style as we could in the kitchen. Then everyone took their food to whatever room and visited and had a nice time. What troopers, because with about 50-60 people in this house at a time it was a bit cramped. Tanner's cousin Lacey and her husband Luke even ate in Tanner's bedroom and played with his trains. So did my brother-in-law Tom and his grandbaby Liam. I have 3 wonderful sister-in-laws that and numerous friends that helped bring salads and desserts. What would I do without all of them?

After pretty much everyone had left, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. A few of his friends lingered and is best friend (not girlfriend) Chelsey left a while later. It was the most wonderful day with close friends and family. Gary so appreciated everyones thoughtfulness.

(Drew took a couple of pictures of him on her camers. So when I get them from her I will post them on here.)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Ready

Tomorrow is Gary's "Farewell" for his mission. He will be speaking in Church and then we will be having numerous people at the house for food and well wishes. There will probably be between 80-100 people here off and on throughout the day. For this reason we are having it in the backyard. We have mowed and trimmed the lawn and made sure the plants/flowers are looking good. We swept the sidewalks and driveway to make it pleasant looking. We have scrubbed inside and out. Major cleaning (but not too major, that would take WAY more time than we have!) to have major company. Then the wind blew and we swept and cleaned up again, a couple of times.

After having Gary's birthday celebration we did one more thing to prepare for next Wednesday and his leaving for the MTC....We put up his mission poster! We will put a sticker on it for every day that he is gone, starting with next Wednesday as day #1. We've decided that we will take pictures at the end of every month just to see the progress. So here is picture #1.....

See? No stickers yet.

It's empty now, but it will fill up faster than we think. Those 2 years will be done before we know it and then the wall will be empty again. Unless one (or more) of the girls decide to go on a mission, we won't be doing this again until Tanner turns 19 in 11 1/2 years!!!

Happy Birthday Gary!!!

Gary and I have a shared memory. It's just that I remember it and he, well, doesn't. I know that sounds odd, but it's one that we laughingly debate together. Of course since he has no way to remember this memory, my version is the correct one...well, that and the fact that it IS the correct one.....He says I almost killed him (wink, wink) and I say I saved his life.

One week before Gary was born, I realized I hadn't felt him move in over 24 hours. I started to get worried so I did all the things they had told us to try if this ever happened. Push on him to get him to move, drink cold water or orange juice, push on him harder....It didn't work, nothing. It was time for Wynn to get home from work so I immediately told him what was happening. He called the doctor's office and they told him to have me try everything I had just tried, he told them I had and they said to get to the hospital. It was in Jackson Hole, an hour away. I thought I felt something on the way, but it was so very slight I think it was just wishful thinking. When we got there, they hooked me up to all the many machines and found his heartbeat to be so faint they almost couldn't find it. They tried everything I had tried and nothing. That's when they grabbed the little 'life jolters' as I call them and placed them on my stomach and jolted him once, nothing, twice. His heart started beating stronger, he started moving.....and didn't quit moving for the whole next week until he was born on his due date of May 23, 1990!!! I never complained about not being able to sleep that whole week because he literally did NOT stop moving! It was the most glorious thing. See? Saved his life. And what a wonderful life it was to save and give.

Happy Birthday Gary! I love you and am so proud of you.

What do you get a Missionary for his birthday 4 days before he goes to the MTC and he has already bought himself all the things (almost) he needs? You buy him the few things that are left. Therefore:

So excited to get sheets!!!

A 4g memory card for his camera. (to go with the 1g he had)

Yes, those are envelopes from Lexie and Tanner. They also gave him....

Paper, pens, pencils and an address book, all so he can write home!

Drew wanted to make his cake so I let her. Yes, that is a bikini cake, complete with belly button. (She figured it was the last one he got to look at for a while.) It didn't turn out quite as well as she had hoped and only has the #1 candle (put in the cake backwards) because they forgot to check if we had a #9 candle! He looks like he doesn't quite know what to think!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

The alarm went off early this morning. Wynn went in to work late. We needed to be at Cedar Ridge Middle School at 6:30am. Why?, you ask. I know because I asked too. But it was for a good thing. All the 6th graders that had earned a 4.0 for at least one trimester this year were invited to the Breakfast of Champions. They and their parents got a small breakfast. They had a couple of speakers (one was Sky View High Schools top student who happened to go to the Breakfast of Champions when she was at Cedar Ridge), and they each received a medal and a box of Wheaties, the 'TRUE' Breakfast of Champions.

Lexie received a 4.0 ALL 3 TRIMESTERS!!! WAY TO GO LEXIE!!!

Lexie receiving her medal and cereal.

(The guy walked there just as Wynn clicked the picture!)

She is the Champion!!!

Lexie with the Principal, Mr. Michael Thompson

Wynn, Lexie and Loretta Jenkins

Lexie's medal

Wheaties, medal and program

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day By Day By Day...

I haven't been any better at posting regularly, it has now been over a week since the last one. Knowing what my next week and a half has in store, I don't think I'll be posting regularly any time soon. So for now, I will try to do a quick update since the last post...

Friday, May 8th---We went to Salt Lake City to spend a last family day before Gary leaves for his mission. He got to pick where we went, what we did and where we ate for his "Missionary meal". (we take the whole family to a restaurant of the Missionary's' choosing. Something we don't do often because of the astronomical cost) We met my niece, Jessica, in a park by the Church Office Building and she took family pictures for us. She also took individuals of Morgan, Lexie and Tanner since I haven't had them done for this school year yet. Then we went to eat at Olive Garden. From there we toured the Conference Center and got to see an amazing display they had there of artistic talent from around the world. Then we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and saw the Joseph Smith movie. We all cried our eyes out at this. It doesn't matter how many times you've seen it, male or female, or age, you will be touched to tears watching what they went through. Then we went to Layton to stay with Wynn's parents to be ready for the next day...

Saturday, May 9th---This was the wedding day of Wynn's nephew Zach (Nolan and Trudy's son) and Sarah Asmundson (daughter of Blayne and Judith Asmundson of Vancouver British Columbia). It started with a wedding breakfast at 9:30am in Lehi. Yummy food of breakfast burritos and fruit. Then they were sealed for time and all eternity in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. We spent some time at Nolan and Trudy's with the family (we ate pizza) and then to the reception. Her colors were lime green and pink. Her dress was gorgeous. Morgan caught the bouquet. Since that makes 2 bouquet catches for her now, Drew figures Morgan will get married 2 times quicker than she will. I don't know that that's how it works, but Drew says it works for her!!!
--I was supposed to have my exit interview for AmeriCorps today, but since we had already scheduled this, I'm going to have to reschedule.

Monday, May 11th---back to school and work. I got an email for my AmeriCorps exit interview reschedule. It is for Wednesday at 2:45. Are you kidding me? I already have plans for that day too!!! (you'll see) I told Gary I'm not going to reschedule anything, we'll work it all in. At least I'll still be in town this time and can run over there to do it. I can't handle another reschedule!

Tuesday, May 12th---Lexie had a soccer game at 5:30. The sun was supposed to be out, but it was cloudy instead. The wind was blowing which made us grateful for the blankets we took to wrap up in, because it felt like it was coming off an iceberg! They played hard, but it ended up in a tie.

Wednesday, May 13th---I took the day off to spend with Gary. He loves the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I had only seen the first one back when it first came out on dvd. I had promised him ever since the 3rd one came out that we would spend a day, just the two of us, and watch all three. I figured we better get it done since he leaves 2 weeks from today!!! Unfortunately, it wasn't uninterrupted since this was my reschedule for the exit interview. The interview went well. I told her what I was doing at home so she hurried it up so I could get back to finish the movies. The kids were great when they got home. I gave them instructions (don't bother us unless there is blood coming out your eyeballs or bones sticking out of your skin), shut the family room door, and finished the movies, uninterrupted by them, until Andy came over and interrupted even after they told him not to. Seriously, it could have blood, no bones, seriously. But I LOVED the movies and had a much needed day with Gary.

Thursday, May 14th--back to work. I left as soon as we were done...sick!!! Tanner had a soccer game tonight. Needless to say I wasn't there. I was REALLY sick. They lost. The other kids were bigger and better, it happens.

Friday, May 15th--back to work. Felt Ok-ish. Last day of lessons for reading groups. Next week is Core testing, all week. But I will only be there Thursday and Friday. I have an AmeriCorps Conference in SLC Mon-Wed. Mixed emotions about that! The ward did an Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration at Brother and Sister Godfrey's house for the men as a father/son thing. Then Wynn, Andy, Gary and Tanner went camping up Green Canyon for a guys night while me, Morgan and Lexie had a girls night. Some girls night. Morgan went babysitting so Lexie and I went to get a Cranilla Craze at Sonic, YUM! We noticed they had a new drink called a Mango Limeade, so we got a small one to try it. MISTAKE!!! It deserved a Route 44 size. It is unbelievably good! Possibly my new fave. Morgan came home, we were watching NCIS and Lexie and I fell asleep, early. Oh well.

Saturday, May 16th---Are you kidding me! Can someone put one more thing on today? The day was calm until 11:00. Here is the day---11:30 Lexie soccer game, 12:00 Tanner soccer game, 1:00 bridal shower in Freedom, 3:00 bridal shower in Layton (for my niece!), 4:00 Morgan needs to be in Richmond for the Black and White Days Parade for Colorguard, 5:00 Parade, 7:00 wedding reception in North Logan (at our church building) And it's my nephews birthday, Happy Birthday Rian. What did we make it to? Lexie's soccer game (I'll be in SLC for the last one Tuesday), the last 1/2 of Tanner's soccer game (Wynn and Gary went to all), neither bridal shower, Tanner got sick after we got home from the game, I think it's allergies but it has a fever (yes we get fevers with that sometimes), went and looked at a house, ya...NO!, Morgan got a ride to Richmond, Wynn and Gary went to the parade, Wynn, myself and Drew (she's home for the weekend) went to the reception. Stayed up late getting chores finished (somewhat).

Sunday, May 17th--The girls (Morgan and Lexie) went out to Clarkston to where they do the Martin Harris Pageant this morning. They left the house at 6:40am. The Stake does this every year and the speaker directs their talk toward the youth. This year they are listening to the General Young Mens President. My friends son (in our ward) came home from his mission to Poland Friday night. He speaks in church today. Tanner is still having a slight fever and hoarse cough (not horse cough, hahaha) so I think I will be staying home with him. We'll see. Church doesn't start for another 1 1/2 hours.

***I need to download some pictures from my camera then I will hopefully get some added on here. Like it isn't long enough already! to come.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Has It Been a Week Already???

I can't believe it is Thursday already. My last post was last Friday!!! What happened to this week? I guess I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. I don't seem to get much exercising in lately, and I was doing sooooo good before. But life hits in spurts, and when it hits there is no room for anything else it seems. Here is my today....

Note to self--Used to get up at 4:30-5:00 to exercise...need to start doing that again
6:00 Got up, got Tanner up, made sure the girls were up, finish waking up Tanner
6:30-6:45-ish making sure everybody is getting ready
Tanner finish waking up
Make Tanner breakfast
Girls leave for school
7:00 Make sure Tanner is eating
Get on computer to check messages on email and facebook (give myself a
time limit so I don't run late)
Answer messages
Check on Tanner
Throw a batch of laundry in
7:30 Make sure Tanner is done
Tell him to get brushed and flossed and clothes ready before this for
the next 1/2 hour
Put laundry in dryer, new batch in washer
8:00 Get in shower
8:15-8:50 check on Tanner
Eat my breakfast while getting dressed, make-up, hair etc
Check on Tanner
Take care of laundry
Hurry Tanner along
8:50 Leave for the school, (Tanners school and my work), 15 minutes later than I
wanted to be
9:00 Get to the school
1:00 realize Morgan has an ortho appt to add to everything else that is this
1:30 leave the school
1:40 make lunch
1:50 Get on computer
Check and answer messages
Write on blog

What I still have left for today:

Tanners turn to take treats for soccer game, I still need to buy them
Take Lexie shopping for new capris if we can find some inexpensive enough, need them tomorrow.
4:00 Morgan ortho appt in Smithfield
4:45 Lexie soccer pictures in Hyde Park
5:00 Lexie warm up for soccer game-Hyde Park
5:30 Lexie soccer game in Hyde Park
Tanner soccer game in North Logan
before 8:00 need to sign kids up for swimming lessons in Smithfield before all
the sessions I need are filled up

And did I mention I need to balance the checkbook, write out lunch checks (and other checks), get ready for a food drive for AmeriCorps week at the school next week (Thank you Colleen for doing the collection box by yourself!!!! I SOOOOOO owe you) and not to mention....
Get ready to leave for SLC tomorrow morning to spend 2 days
---moving Drew to Kaysville
taking family pictures
Gary's missionary family dinner and day
Saturday, nephews wedding---all day

Better get off the computer. Lexie is here 3 minutes early and remember, we need to go to the stores.

Friday, May 01, 2009

What Century Is This Again????

If it wasn't that I was watching a tv or listening to the radio, I would swear we were living in a lot earlier century....1700's or 1800's maybe? No money, armed bank robberies, pirates, pandemic, terrorists...

The economy is bad. Most people don't have to be told. All they have to do is look at their paycheck and checkbook. Believe me, they know, we know. But I guess it still has to be reported. Utah is always behind the rest of the country in the economy, and Cache valley is usually about a year behind Salt Lake. So according to that, we haven't seen the worst?

Bank Robbers? Really? I guess they are on the rise because of the aforementioned economic situation? And not only banks, but ARMED robberies at banks, stores, stealing whole ATM's. Seriously.

Pirates? PIRATES? Yep. Somalian pirates. Taking ships and hostages on the high seas. I saw their pictures on the news. Not one of them looked like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Darn, THAT would have been worth watching on the news!!! Not that I want anyone hurt or killed by Pirates, but at least they could be worth looking at! And Yeah for the American snipers that took them out and freed the American Captain that gave himself up for a hostage to free his crew. We got the Captain AND the ship back.

Epidemic? Pandemic? Didn't whole civilizations get wiped out by these things hundreds of years ago? Swine flu. Bird flu. Regular flu. Hmmmmm. Don't go to Mexico right now. Between murders and Swine flu, your chances of returning intact are slim. Drew went on a Mexican cruise for Spring Break, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas.....she doesn't have Swine Flu. Texas has reported Swine Flu there, Gary leaves for the MTC May 27th for 3 weeks then on to Texas. He'll be on a mission. He should be safe. I'll pray anyway.

Terrorists. They aren't going away people. We have been attacked on our own soil numerous times and on foreign soil numerous other times. They may lay low(er) for a while, but they are still there. Just biding their time. Laying in wait for Americans to get complacent, again.

Flooding in the midwest, tornados in Tornado Alley, earthquakes in Italy....

Have I not read about all this somewhere? Diverse places, wars and rumors of wars, secret combinations, strange weather.....I'm not predicting the end of the world, I'm not one of those people. I'm not seeking for signs, I'm not one of those people either. But I do know that I'm not as ready as I would like to be for something major to happen. I am more ready than I used to be, but still not comfortably so. I think I will just continue to try to be as ready as possible....

And keep reminding myself that this is 2009 and not an earlier century when I hear, watch or read the news.