Saturday, May 30, 2009

Got A Letter!

We got a letter from Gary today! I guess the doctors office missed an MMR when they were copying down his shots for his mission record. I need to send him a copy or he'll have to get another shot.

His companion is Elder Whipple from Layton. Gary is the senior companion. I guess I never thought about this when Andy went. I just figured there were missionaries that were there already, that weren't leaving quite yet, going to the same mission and they were the senior companions. Nope. Both companions enter the MTC the very same day. How did I miss that 3 years ago?

He is no longer nervous and ate a huge meal Wednesday night. I figured he would once the unknown became known.

He is feeling the importance of the mission. As senior companion he has so much to read and do. We could already feel such a strong spirit coming off his letter.

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