Thursday, May 07, 2009

Has It Been a Week Already???

I can't believe it is Thursday already. My last post was last Friday!!! What happened to this week? I guess I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. I don't seem to get much exercising in lately, and I was doing sooooo good before. But life hits in spurts, and when it hits there is no room for anything else it seems. Here is my today....

Note to self--Used to get up at 4:30-5:00 to exercise...need to start doing that again
6:00 Got up, got Tanner up, made sure the girls were up, finish waking up Tanner
6:30-6:45-ish making sure everybody is getting ready
Tanner finish waking up
Make Tanner breakfast
Girls leave for school
7:00 Make sure Tanner is eating
Get on computer to check messages on email and facebook (give myself a
time limit so I don't run late)
Answer messages
Check on Tanner
Throw a batch of laundry in
7:30 Make sure Tanner is done
Tell him to get brushed and flossed and clothes ready before this for
the next 1/2 hour
Put laundry in dryer, new batch in washer
8:00 Get in shower
8:15-8:50 check on Tanner
Eat my breakfast while getting dressed, make-up, hair etc
Check on Tanner
Take care of laundry
Hurry Tanner along
8:50 Leave for the school, (Tanners school and my work), 15 minutes later than I
wanted to be
9:00 Get to the school
1:00 realize Morgan has an ortho appt to add to everything else that is this
1:30 leave the school
1:40 make lunch
1:50 Get on computer
Check and answer messages
Write on blog

What I still have left for today:

Tanners turn to take treats for soccer game, I still need to buy them
Take Lexie shopping for new capris if we can find some inexpensive enough, need them tomorrow.
4:00 Morgan ortho appt in Smithfield
4:45 Lexie soccer pictures in Hyde Park
5:00 Lexie warm up for soccer game-Hyde Park
5:30 Lexie soccer game in Hyde Park
Tanner soccer game in North Logan
before 8:00 need to sign kids up for swimming lessons in Smithfield before all
the sessions I need are filled up

And did I mention I need to balance the checkbook, write out lunch checks (and other checks), get ready for a food drive for AmeriCorps week at the school next week (Thank you Colleen for doing the collection box by yourself!!!! I SOOOOOO owe you) and not to mention....
Get ready to leave for SLC tomorrow morning to spend 2 days
---moving Drew to Kaysville
taking family pictures
Gary's missionary family dinner and day
Saturday, nephews wedding---all day

Better get off the computer. Lexie is here 3 minutes early and remember, we need to go to the stores.


tawnya said...

Hmmmm...I think I have 1/2 a book and 1/2 a movie to finish this afternoon...

loretta said...

Ya, rub it in!!! I did find some awesome shoes I've been looking for since before Easter! So YEAH!!! I either have everything or nothing, no middle ground!!!