Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Farewell" Talk

Today was Gary's "Farewell" at Church. All that means is that he gives a talk in Sacrament meeting before he leaves for the MTC and his mission. Thank goodness that the family doesn't have to prepare the whole meeting, talks, musical numbers, prayers...any more. (However, the girls sang when Andy left on his mission and I accompanied on the piano. The girls and I sang when Andy came home with my friend Debbe Balling accompanying on the piano.)

So now that Gary is leaving the girls and I were doing the musical number. Their cousins on the Jenkins' side had informed Morgan when Andy came home that she had to play the violin this time. So we were going to pick a song, but Gary said he had one he wanted us to do. He had picked 'Have I Done Any Good?' We couldn't find an arrangement for the violin, so Drew's most wonderful roommate, Emily Sorenson, wrote a whole arrangement for soprano, alto, piano & violin. So we had Emily-piano, Morgan-violin, Drew and Leza-soprano, Lexie and myself-alto.

Who ever planned the program put Gary speaking first and THEN us singing!!! Seriously? How were we going to do that? Drew was crying, Lexie had tears, I just plain flat didn't listen to his talk so I wouldn't be crying along with the shaking! Then a miraculous thing happened. Mike, the speaker after us, got up to talk as soon as Gary was done. We all sat down and I planned on just speaking after he was done. The counselor conducting (his dad!) had him sit down. He was so embarrassed, but it was just exactly what we needed. He will probably never know how he helped us get rid of the nervousness. We got through the song without me quitting because of tears and I think we hit mostly close to the notes we were supposed to.

After Sacrament meeting, we came home for the luncheon. Now, remember all our preparation of yesterday? It was sprinkling, then started to downpour! We had to have it inside. (When it snowed when Andy left and we had to move it inside, we were in a different house with bigger rooms.) This house is a decent size, but the rooms are very small. We took it all in stride and set up as much of a buffet style as we could in the kitchen. Then everyone took their food to whatever room and visited and had a nice time. What troopers, because with about 50-60 people in this house at a time it was a bit cramped. Tanner's cousin Lacey and her husband Luke even ate in Tanner's bedroom and played with his trains. So did my brother-in-law Tom and his grandbaby Liam. I have 3 wonderful sister-in-laws that and numerous friends that helped bring salads and desserts. What would I do without all of them?

After pretty much everyone had left, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. A few of his friends lingered and is best friend (not girlfriend) Chelsey left a while later. It was the most wonderful day with close friends and family. Gary so appreciated everyones thoughtfulness.

(Drew took a couple of pictures of him on her camers. So when I get them from her I will post them on here.)

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