Wednesday, May 27, 2009

After The MTC

It's hard to drop a child/sibling off at the MTC knowing that is the last time you'll see them for 2 years. You have to do something to get your mind off of it. After we dropped Andy off, we went to the Hogle Zoo. We let Tanner pick what he wanted to today. We went to get pizza and then to Cabela's in Lehi. It's a big store so we walked aroung and looked at the displays for quite a while. These are the only pictures I have for some reason. I know I took more, but don't know what I did to them.

Tanner wanted to take this moose home.
I told him he already has a Moose.

The moose is squeezing too tight!

but it kind of tickles

And our favorite.......

Is Lexie actually kissing the Moose that's strangling Tanner?

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