Friday, May 01, 2009

What Century Is This Again????

If it wasn't that I was watching a tv or listening to the radio, I would swear we were living in a lot earlier century....1700's or 1800's maybe? No money, armed bank robberies, pirates, pandemic, terrorists...

The economy is bad. Most people don't have to be told. All they have to do is look at their paycheck and checkbook. Believe me, they know, we know. But I guess it still has to be reported. Utah is always behind the rest of the country in the economy, and Cache valley is usually about a year behind Salt Lake. So according to that, we haven't seen the worst?

Bank Robbers? Really? I guess they are on the rise because of the aforementioned economic situation? And not only banks, but ARMED robberies at banks, stores, stealing whole ATM's. Seriously.

Pirates? PIRATES? Yep. Somalian pirates. Taking ships and hostages on the high seas. I saw their pictures on the news. Not one of them looked like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Darn, THAT would have been worth watching on the news!!! Not that I want anyone hurt or killed by Pirates, but at least they could be worth looking at! And Yeah for the American snipers that took them out and freed the American Captain that gave himself up for a hostage to free his crew. We got the Captain AND the ship back.

Epidemic? Pandemic? Didn't whole civilizations get wiped out by these things hundreds of years ago? Swine flu. Bird flu. Regular flu. Hmmmmm. Don't go to Mexico right now. Between murders and Swine flu, your chances of returning intact are slim. Drew went on a Mexican cruise for Spring Break, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas.....she doesn't have Swine Flu. Texas has reported Swine Flu there, Gary leaves for the MTC May 27th for 3 weeks then on to Texas. He'll be on a mission. He should be safe. I'll pray anyway.

Terrorists. They aren't going away people. We have been attacked on our own soil numerous times and on foreign soil numerous other times. They may lay low(er) for a while, but they are still there. Just biding their time. Laying in wait for Americans to get complacent, again.

Flooding in the midwest, tornados in Tornado Alley, earthquakes in Italy....

Have I not read about all this somewhere? Diverse places, wars and rumors of wars, secret combinations, strange weather.....I'm not predicting the end of the world, I'm not one of those people. I'm not seeking for signs, I'm not one of those people either. But I do know that I'm not as ready as I would like to be for something major to happen. I am more ready than I used to be, but still not comfortably so. I think I will just continue to try to be as ready as possible....

And keep reminding myself that this is 2009 and not an earlier century when I hear, watch or read the news.

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Morgan said...

don't forget about the one where two prophets will go to the middle east and die. but luckely that hasn't happened yet.