Friday, April 24, 2009

A Boys Best Friend

Back when Tanner was just past 3, he was so ready to be out of diapers, but just wouldn't. I decided bribing was in order. I told him he could pick. He wanted a kitten, but not just ANY kitten, he wanted an orange kitten. I explained to him that we couldn't have a kitten because we lived in the city and so the kitty would have to be an inside part of the time (if not all the time) kitty and his daddy was allergic to cats. He insisted that that was all he wanted, an orange kitty. I told him he had to ask his dad. HIS DAD SAID YES!!!!! (I asked him if I had to remind him he was allergic?!) So it was agreed, he could get an orange kitty when he didn't wear diapers anymore.

So being a Sunday night, I said, "OK. You can wear a diaper to bed, but in the morning, you are going to the bathroom and then wearing big boy underwear all day. You aren't going to wear diapers during the day anymore. But you can wear one to bed if you want." He wore big boy underwear all day that whole week. He wore a diaper at night. The next Sunday night I told him, "You are done wearing diapers. This is the last night for a diaper. In the morning when you put on your underwear, you are wearing it all day AND wearing it to bed." That was the last diaper he ever wore. Now we had to find an orange kitty.

Now, normally there are orange kittens everywhere. I figured it would be no problem to find one for him. We looked for about 3-4 months, and not one orange kitten to be found. I thought, "Are you kidding me?" Every day Tanner asked when we were going to find his kitty. In July Gary saw an ad in the paper and called. No orange kittens. We went to look anyway since it was only a few blocks away. Tanner saw a white with gray patches one that he held and played with. We asked him if that was the one he wanted, and he said no, he wanted an orange one. So we left. About half way back to our house he started crying and said, "We need to go back and get my kitty." Me, "You said you wanted an orange one." "No! That one is my kitty! We have to go get him! " So we turned around and went back for his kitty. He named him Moose. I thought it was a strange name for such a tiny kitty, but it fits him.

Moose has never been allowed on the furniture or Wynn wouldn't be able to sit on it. (That doesn't mean he's never gotten on it!) He is allowed on Tanner's bed, we put a blanket on it that he can sleep on. When he was little he would crawl under the blankets and snuggle with Tanner. Sometimes I still find him doing that. He has a blanket on Morgans bed and occasionally on Gary's or Lexie's beds. He knows he can get on my ottoman in the family room to snuggle if there is a blanket on it, he leaves it alone if there isn't. He snuggles with the kids on their blankets on the floor...etc. He IS NOT allowed on our bed, period. And he doesn't get on there.
Moose downstairs with Tanner, on the blanket, on the couch.
(Notice him holding Mooses' tail so they are 'touching'?)

I swear this cat is 1/3 cat, 1/3 dog, and 1/3 human. He will come get you if there is something of yours that needs attention (he knows what belongs to who), everyone swears he says 'mom' instead of meow when he is wanting me, very human things of him to do. He can be very stand-offish and turn his back and ignore you if he is in cat mode and will let you know not to bother him.

Moose in cat mode...ignoring me.

He has become very attached to Tanner. If Tanner is crying, you can hear Moose start meowing and here he comes from where ever he was at a dead run to make sure Tanner is OK. It doesn't matter where Tanner or Moose are at the time, one inside, one outside, or both in or both out. He always asks Tanner for a head to head rub to show love. It is so cute.
In the living room for a love from Tanner
He can be very nurturing, loyal and attached like a dog. To show this, I took some pictures this morning. Tanner spent the night in my bed and bathroom last night because he was sick. Puking all night long. This is what Moose did about it this morning after I got up.....
On the bathroom floor
I walked in the room to check on Tanner. Since he wasn't there, I checked the bathroom. He was snuggled against Tanners tummy, but when I came back with the camera he had moved here. (Tanner put the pile of towels in front of the toilet so they would be soft to kneel on)
Then Tanner went back to my room and this what Moose did.

Yes. He is ON OUR BED!!! Remember, he is NOT allowed by Wynn. PERIOD!!!

(Wynn knew he was there and left him with Tanner! I put the blanket so it could be taken off and washed.)

Letting us know he isn't leaving Tanner.

Still on the bed when I got home from work. Where ever Tanner moved, Moose was right there....All day long!!!

(Wynn and Gary were both home with him)

So I don't think he cares now that his kitty isn't orange. I think he knew that day in the car that Moose is his kitty. You couldn't ask for a more loyal companion or best friend.


Drew Jenkins said...

that's my blanket on the couch! i didn't say he could be on it.

Morgan said...

once, moose bit my head because we had a dog in the house (and i do some things without thinking every once in a while at random) and i picked moose up and took him to tanner's room acting normal, he turned around and bit me, on the head. but after i got in the shower, he came to the bathroom door and started to apologize to me!! then when i had my gum surgery, i was on mom's chair (with a blanket) and he was at my feet, then my legs, and then eventually on my chest. (i was sitting up to and somehow he found a way to stay there.) it felt warm, but wierd because he was there.funny how he knows when someone needs loved or someone to cuddle with.

Sandra said...

Matthew has a cat just like that. We call him Matthew's dog. He even plays fetch! He was so mad when we went to San Diego last week. He "Yelled" at us for 1 day after we got back, then he was ok. I don't know what he is going to do when Matt goes to college and then his mission.

I hope Tanner feels better.

Pinky said...

That's so cute. I have a dog that is also cute as the cat.

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