Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gary's Temple Day

At 5:30 pm, Gary went through the Logan Temple today. It was a really nice day. In attendance were my parents, Gary and Inez Hulsey, my sister and her husband, Rick and Dawna Barnes, Wynn's parents, Dean and Elaine Jenkins, Wynn's sister and her husband Scott and Maridene Wiberg, Wynn's sister Sirena Higgs, Gary's brother and his wife (our oldest child) Andy and Leza Jenkins, and family friends, Bob and Debbe Balling and Craig and Konie Humphreys. The family went to Village Inn to eat afterwards. It had been kind of a nasty day all day, rainy, windy, snowy. But time to go to the Temple it became really nice, still overcast, but nice.

You can't describe what it's like to be in the Temple with your children. And to have more than one in words.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be wonderful. I am still waiting for more than one of mine. congratualtions and have a great and safe day. Aunt Eloise

loretta said...

Thanks Aunt Weasie! And hang in there, I'm sure that day will come.