Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring storms

They tend to bring Spring colds. Gary and I went to SLC with Drew last week to tour the Esthitician school there. Drew and I got free facials...WOW!!! did I LOVE that! It was warm while we were there. I loved it. She was accepted to the school. She will be getting her Master Esthitician. It will only take her about 4 months since she already has her Cosmetoligist license. Since she will be there such a short time, she won't be able to rent an apartment for 4 months, so she is going to live with Wynn's sister in Kaysville. She'll go to school during the day and get a night job. Rent money will be able to go towards her car.

Thursday started our Spring Break from school. It stormed, snowed even. Then warmed up on Friday. We went to SLC on Saturday to the Living Planet Aquarium. It was cold that day. Glad the Aquarium is inside. It was smaller than I thought it would be, but still pretty neat. They have sharks, an octopus, a South American exhibit, and stingrays. You can actually pet the stingrays. They don't feel like I thought they would, not rubbery at all. They were kind of squishy and velvety.

Sunday was a nice beautiful Easter day. I love that Tanner got up, climbed in my bed, and said,"Mom, it's Easter. This is Jesus' birthday." I said,"No, not his birthday." "Oh ya, the day he was ressurected. That means he came back to life." His first thoughts weren't of Easter baskets, bunny, candy or hunting Easter eggs. That made me happy. Of course they did turn that direction.

Monday was a beautiful day. Gary and I went and picked up his 2 suits. We bought some more mission clothes, but they are out of his size on a few things and are expecting a shipment. They wrote down what we needed so we can get them when they come in. They supply about 99% of the missionaries in the valley and surrounding areas. I'm not surprised they run short. Gary is getting even more excited to go out, if that's possible. He is dejunking his room and putting his missionary stuff in the suitcases. He'll repack right before he leaves so it fits better. He's putting his horse up for sale and transferred his money to another account so he can contribute part for his mission.

Tuesday was a nasty weather day. Cold, rainy, windy, and first day back to school. Spring Break was way too short. I woke up with a head cold. I think it's the back and forth from warm and nice to cold and yucky. Lexie had her first soccer match. Drew took her so I didn't have to set out in the miserable weather already having a cold. They won!!!!

Tanner's first soccer match is today. It's supposed to rain, and even possible snow, today and tomorrow. I love the rain....when it's warm ones to play in. My parents are heading up this way today and tomorrow. Hope their drive is safe.

They are coming for Gary to go through the Logan Temple tomorrow and my neice Lacey to get married in SLC Temple on Saturday. Gary put the date for going through the Temple 2 days before Lacey's wedding specifically so my parents could be here with him. Also so he could be in the Temple with her on Saturday. He is sooooo excited about all of this. He also will get to be in the Temple with his cousin Zach in May when he gets married. He will miss his cousin Brookes marraige though, since she gets married the Wednesday after he enters the MTC.

Well, enough head cold rambling Wednesday. I better get ready for work and Tanner for school. I need to find a sub for tomorrow. I'm planning on taking the day off to spend with Gary.


Jaime said...

Your spring break sounds like ours! Since then we have had like one nice day and it's still windy and COLD and here we are in the middle of April! I'm so anxious to get outside!

Ashli Barnes said... did snow. Yuck. But good news. It's supposed to be almost 70 in Salt Lake this weekend! Yay!

Morgan said...

that's great!!! i wish that it just rained today because when it snowed i was very sad and it ruined my day (but not completely). i love the rain. it's one of my favorite things. me and my friend went out to dance in the rain. we got so wet; but it was lots of fun. i wish that it would just rain for a while and then be sunny. i want to go to oregon because it has beautiful rain. i love it!!