Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of September 2010 Mission Poster

And another month has gone by...a whole month of school, fall is here,
the leaves and weather are turning....and another month of stickers
are on the poster!

Look how small the triangle of days left is getting!

Look at it filling up...start of row 6.

Yup. That number is looking good!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Over and over again I get behind on my blog. I tell myself I enjoyed it much more when I stayed caught up! But yet, again I find myself behind. And farther behind than I've ever let myself get. But I find myself behind in so many things right now....

I decided to get caught up today on my blog, only to discover that my last real post was Elder Gary's mission poster the end of April. April? Really? I could have sworn I had done it since then, could have sworn I was only a couple of months behind. And in May I got ambitious and did numerous mission poster pictures because of it being a monumental month for him and all. I really could have sworn that I had posted them already!

I need to finish getting Tanner's things sewn on his Scout shirt. I was caught up at one point, and now they've changed some things. But that actually works to my advantage. Most of the things I don't have sewn on, they aren't doing any more and don't need to be put on his shirt. Yay me!!! Oh, wait, but then I need to put them on something else so they don't get lost. Boo! Maybe not an advantage after all.

I need to make some decisions on paint colors for my bedroom and bathroom. Why is this room the hardest to pick out? All the others I at least know the color I want and just have to find the shade. My room? Not so much. Though I'm thinking blue for the bathroom. But I don't want it so intense I can't stand to be in there!

I have two dvr's. Yes 2. One in the family room and one in my bedroom. Since Tanner is in my room for right now, I am behind on my shows in there......most of which are to help me in my house remodel. *Sigh*

I have some library movies Lexie and I were going to watch. She informed me that she has never seen the Pride and Prejudice movies. Really? Where did I screw up on that? I could have sworn I had watched them with her! So I got them from the library last Friday, which means there due tomorrow.....not watched yet. Good thing I can renew them on the computer! Done. Will watch this weekend since it's a Holiday and she has no soccer games!

And on that same trip to the library, I checked out a car full of books. I have been reading a lot this summer. Turning in a book just about every day. Plus all the other stuff I got done in a day. In the past week I have turned in one book!!! What happened? I have the house to myself all day!

So today I did get caught up on my blog......well, partly. I caught up on May. :) And I posted something for today. That in its self is a major improvement. Tomorrow I plan on working on June, and a new daily post.

I swear I'm going to keep up this time. I swear!

Now I see that Tanner is watching Pink Panther cartoons. Then after that, it's Flintstones, Jetsons....Maybe I'll go reward myself for posting May by watching with him. :)