Friday, July 31, 2009

End of July 2009 Poster

The end of July already? Where is the summer going? Time to update the poster once again! It's looking good!

May, June and July---66 days

So much fuller than 2 months ago.......but still quite a way to go. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tannerisms #6

Earlier today I was in the office sitting at the desk and Tanner walked in very straight faced. For the full affect, picture this with him straight faced, monotone, slight shrug of the shoulder and tick at the corner of his mouth........

"I guess Drew and I have a date tomorrow night."

"Oh really. Why?"

"Cause she just called me and said she will be here at 6:00 tomorrow night just in time for me and her to go swimming. So.......(sigh)I guess that's a date." (I didn't even hear the phone ring!)

"Don't you want to go swimming? Aren't you excited to go swimming."

(more excited) "YES! (shrug) But I just guess it's a date."

Doesn't figure he's supposed to go on a date with his sister I guess. Hahahahahaha!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quiet Time And Devastation

This morning Wynn, Morgan and Lexie headed out before 6:00am for Girls Camp. This is Lexie's first year, and she is the only new Beehive in our ward.That leaves only Tanner and myself at home all week, at least until Drew gets home late Thursday night or early Friday morning. But then she has to be back to school on Saturday. The others get home Friday afternoon/evening some time. I was never allowed to go to Girls Camp growing up. Maybe that is why I've never been camping in my life. Maybe that's why I don't think I'd like it. They are still trying to figure out a few days to take me camping this summer. My girls are asking the inevitable question of 'Why?' And my answer is....I don't know. I have no idea. (So mom, here's your chance to answer them.........if you want to.)

I got on my computer Saturday night and all was well. I got on yesterday, but only had a few minutes, and noticed there was something wrong with my log-in. It was not right the picture I had as my background, all my icons were in the wrong place, and my internet was even messed up. I commented about it to Wynn and figured I would have him look at it later. I forgot. So this morning AFTER they left for Girls Camp, I got on the computer to email Elder Gary. I then noticed/remembered the mess my log-in was in and decided to change the picture back to the one I had. It was one of the ones of Wynn and myself in Cali. Ummmm, ya. No picture in the choices available. No picture for the ones before. I got on my pictures and in fact, there were NO PICTURES ANYWHERE!!! All my pictures are gone. I can't find them. All the folders are gone. Even all the favorites on my internet are gone!

I got on everybody elses log-ins and they are all fine! (thank goodness for them) I only had some of the pictures on cd's. Only a few are on facebook or my blog. Morgan wanted to put them all in folders on FB for me, but we hadn't got around to it yet, so I was going to have her do it next week. I talked to Wynn but he didn't know where to tell me to look. I am devastated. He assures me that if he can't find them when he gets home, that they are still there and all we have to do is take the computer in and have them pull them from the hard drive for me. I'm still devastated. Can they put them back like I had them? Labled and in the folders like they were? I was going to get a flash drive to put them on, but just haven't. Guess I will get one now! As soon as they get them back for me, they're going on one!

Maybe I should take a computer class so I could find things when this happens. It's always when Wynn is out of town. Why didn't I have him look yesterday when I noticed. Because I didn't check my pictures because I really didn't figure it would be a big deal to put everything back the way it was. I don't know how this happened. I didn't do anything different on Saturday night than I have done the other 2 million times I've been on the computer. Anyway, I have faith that Wynn or Drew will save me from the evil computer monster somehow, yet again.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

24 Years Ago Today

Wynn and I were married on July 12, 1985 in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. I was extremely sick that day and still tease him that since I don't remember that day at all, I am just taking his word for it that I actually said yes. Today we celebrated with the family by eating......nothing fancy. Egg enchilada and banana splits.

I thought we were getting something together for a 'gift' and we were still talking about what to get. So I got him nothing and he gave me this......

Happy 24th anniversay!

(Yep. They're real)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Wynn's 46th Birthday!!! And he had the day off! For his birthday he took me to see 'The Proposal'. We loved it. See what a great guy he is? He does stuff like that for me all the time. He is such a sweetie. That's why I love him. So just for being such a great guy, we got him something he's been wanting for a while......
Forgot the he got the 'OLD' one

Also forgot that we were out of wrapping paper.

The towel seemed to do fine.

I think he liked it anyway. Even without wrapping paper!

But I did remember the most important thing....

the present he really wanted!

(and it's expandable for him to make all that yummy stuff he wants!)

Happy Birthday!!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Family/Gone and Here

It would have been my Grandpa Hulsey's birthday today. But he's been gone for 22 1/2 years now. That's most of the time I've been married. I still miss him. I miss his laugh, and his jokes. He always had a joke for everything. Sometimes even making a long distance call just to tell a joke to someone he thought would appreciate it. He always had time for me. We were close. We still are. He's still with me when I need him. I love you Grandpa.

It was also the day the cousins went home. And Morgan and Lexie went with them. They had a blast while they were here and I'm sure they'll have one there as well.

Kelli, Morgan and Kiri

Kelli, Morgan, Lexie and Kiri

Lexie, Kelli, Morgan, Kiri and


More pictures of the 5 amigos. Otherwise know as the cousins, the youngest 5 of the family. (except the older cousins babies now!)


Cause Tanner can't go with them now

Oh so thoughtful.....


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy? 4th of July

We started the day by going to the Lewiston Parade. It's a ways out there, but since Morgan was marching in it, we decided to lend her our support, hahaha. It was a bit chilly when we first got there, but warmed up nicely by the time it started. There with the visiting Kelli and Kiri, Drew and her roommate Emily, Andy and Leza and Leza's family. Lexie took posession of my camera.
Kiri was a little chilly

Me, Wynn, Kelli and Tanner.
It looks like I'm yelling at someone in the parade, but I was pushing up my glasses while talking to Wynn, the parade hadn't even started yet.

Morgan is the dark haired cutie in the middle.
She made rifle as a sophmore!

Yeah! She caught it!
(She's the one in the capris)

The horses
(County Mounted Posse)

The silliness that's so cute
The sign on front says Where's the engine!

The cute floats

The old cars

After the parade it was back home to rest, odds and ends, the kids playing, lunch. And on the way home the kids decided that my kids needed to go home with Kelli and Kiri on Sunday for the next week. So they were texting with their mother....all unknown to me. When finally asked, I was fine with Morgan and Lexie, but Tanner has been having nightmares lately and climbing in my bed every night. I didn't want to do that to my sister-in-law. But I finally decided I could drive the 2 hours to get him if he just couldn't do it. So Lexie decided to grab everybody's laundry so they could pack. They all worked on the laundry and the packing. Lexie grabbed a bag for her and Tanner and packed her clothes then helped Tanner choose and pack his. They were all so excited you wouldn't think they had just spent a whole week together here. I guess the prospect of 2 solid weeks together, just at different places, was an adventure!

Then it was time to get ready for the annual neighborhood 4th of July party. We have a bring your own meat and potluck dish bbq in the backyards of 2 adjoining neighbors. The moms and dads bbq (mostly dads) while they visit and the kids play. Then after, it's around to the street for the fireworks, we always supply the sparklers. Then usually back around to the backyards for a movie. (this year being a Saturday night, we'll do the movie another time. So no movie tonight) Since I have had a cold all week, I was pretty tired and opted to not go. That and I didn't want to spread it around. They got their hamburger patties ready and grabbed a fruit salad and headed over. I grabbed my book and settled in. Pretty soon I could swear I heard Tanner crying but talked myself out of it. Sure enough here came Wynn carrying a crying/sobbing Tanner. He was playing on the swinging bar of the swing set and fell. Being at our doctors house, they were sent home while he called xray, being pretty sure it was broken after observing him for a bit.

The doctor told Wynn to bring him to me and come back over and finish eating while he called and got everything set up. Of course Moose came running when he heard Tanner. I got a picture on my phone of them laying on the floor together (of course) to comfort Tanner, but I don't know how to get it on here. Then Doctor sent Wynn back over to get us to head to the hospital. He called me and told me to go through the ER to get him checked into xray, but no need to check in to the ER. So we grabbed Spotty (his new stuffed Leopard) and left. When we got there, they wouldn't do it and our doc was on the phone to the ER doctor, who just happened to be another friend of all of ours. Anyway, our doctor left the party and came down to meet us there. He had to sign a requisition, a phone call wasn't good enough, so we didn't have to go into ER. We headed to xray. Wynn held him and I was the one that got the unfortunate job of inflicting pain on the poor little guy in order to hold his arm in the unnatural positions they needed for the xrays. They took 4. He was a trooper and only whimpered even though I told him it was ok to cry.

The doctor then emailed the photos to the radiologist and they discussed them over the phone. Yep. A facture next to his elbow. There was a lot of fluid though. And now they don't cast for just small fractures. Kids heal so fast. (Lexie only had a removable splint on hers this spring) They figure if we can keep him from injuring it further,(mmmm hmmmmm!) he should be ok in 2 weeks of just a sling. So no trip to the cousins house for Tanner. Lexie got him unpacked.

What a trooper

Trying to smile

He actually chose to go back to the party after the xrays! Of course he was doped up on Motrin. So with Spotty in tow, he went to the fireworks with his dad. And slept in my bed when he got home.

Happy birthday America!!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Early Celebrations

Yes, today was the 3rd of July. The day before the celebration of the Independence of our great country...the USA.

We spent it pretty quietly just hanging around the house all morning. But the afternoon got busy. Our nieces, Kelli and Kiri have been here all week, and after going swimming last night, Kelli decided she needed some goggles. So we went to our favorite store, Kohl's. After getting goggles, Tanner some khaki's, and Morgan, Lexie and Kiri miscellaneous things, we went home to go swimming again.

Wynn was finishing up the shelves and fixing the pipes under the stairs for our food storage (since it flooded yesterday after the family party!!!) and Drew was home from school for the weekend. They all changed clothes and we headed to the rec center. It turned out to be a better idea than we thought since they had the pool all to themselves the whole time. They had fun playing water basketball, dunking and jumping off the diving board. They all decided to do front flips off the diving board. Even Tanner decided to not be out done and did a front flip off the diving board...3 times!!! (I have a video on my phone but don't know how to get it on here.) He has become quite the daredevil!

After swimming, we took them up to the University for ice cream cones. They didn't know we were going, but soon didn't care that they looked like they had just gone swimming!

Then it was back home to change for the fireworks. They set them off at the University football stadium every year on the 3rd. I was pretty worn out where I've had a major summer cold all week, so I didn't go. Our niece and nephew, Ashli and Rian drove over and went to the fireworks with them though. Drew went with her friends. I sent my camera with Lexie and she took 87 pictures and 1 video! I won't put them all on here (only 10 plus the video) but will add them all to facebook, but I think she did an absolutely fabulous job. Maybe I should give her my camera more often. Here is a sample of her photos.
Happy 4th of July weekend everybody!!!

(I think she did super considering she couldn't see what she was taking a picture of or filming the whole time! And she's only 12!)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Australian/American 'Holidays' Reunion Time

My brother and his wife, Dustin and Cindy, have come from Brisbane Australia for an American Vacation! Today they came to my house for a mini family reunion with my family (all but Drew, she had school today and will meet up with them for a while on Saturday), Sandra and her girls Jessica and Brandi, and our niece Lacey. Wynn's nieces Kelli & Kiri were here for the whole week, so they got to meet them as well. Wynn bbq'd meat for everyone and everyone brought potluck. We visited and had a good time while eating....and playing with my 'granddog' Rawley. Sandra brought a cake and we celebrated Brandi's 10th birthday today.
Since they had traveled so many hours yesterday, and being on a completely different time zone, they were a bit tired. So after a few hours of visiting and a quick tour of my house, they were ready to head back to rest. I found out that they don't have basements in Australia, so Cindy was fascinated with the concept of being underground while being in the basement of my house. Dustin and I explained what the walls were made of, why we had window wells, etc. I got to learn that they built their houses on stilts for circulation until they started getting air conditioning down there about 20 years ago. Now they either still build them on stilts or on cement slabs. I was just as fascinated.

Eating on the back lawn. I don't know why they chose to not use the chairs or picnic table.

Brandi blowing out the candles.

Happy 10th Birthday Brandi!

Myself, Dustin and Sandra

Wynn, Loretta, Cindy, Dustin and Sandra

(Don't know why this one is so dark)

With my kids that still live at home.

Morgan, Cindy, Dustin, Lexie and Tanner

First time to meet for Cindy, Dustin and Tanner
(They said I was very pregnant with him last time they were here. He's 7 1/2)

With Sandra's girls
Cindy, Dustin, Jessica and Brandi

A good time was had by all. I hope to get to go visit them in Brisbane one day, but will really need to save up first! Hopefully it won't be another 7 years before we get to see them again. Happy rest of you Holidays!