Thursday, July 02, 2009

Australian/American 'Holidays' Reunion Time

My brother and his wife, Dustin and Cindy, have come from Brisbane Australia for an American Vacation! Today they came to my house for a mini family reunion with my family (all but Drew, she had school today and will meet up with them for a while on Saturday), Sandra and her girls Jessica and Brandi, and our niece Lacey. Wynn's nieces Kelli & Kiri were here for the whole week, so they got to meet them as well. Wynn bbq'd meat for everyone and everyone brought potluck. We visited and had a good time while eating....and playing with my 'granddog' Rawley. Sandra brought a cake and we celebrated Brandi's 10th birthday today.
Since they had traveled so many hours yesterday, and being on a completely different time zone, they were a bit tired. So after a few hours of visiting and a quick tour of my house, they were ready to head back to rest. I found out that they don't have basements in Australia, so Cindy was fascinated with the concept of being underground while being in the basement of my house. Dustin and I explained what the walls were made of, why we had window wells, etc. I got to learn that they built their houses on stilts for circulation until they started getting air conditioning down there about 20 years ago. Now they either still build them on stilts or on cement slabs. I was just as fascinated.

Eating on the back lawn. I don't know why they chose to not use the chairs or picnic table.

Brandi blowing out the candles.

Happy 10th Birthday Brandi!

Myself, Dustin and Sandra

Wynn, Loretta, Cindy, Dustin and Sandra

(Don't know why this one is so dark)

With my kids that still live at home.

Morgan, Cindy, Dustin, Lexie and Tanner

First time to meet for Cindy, Dustin and Tanner
(They said I was very pregnant with him last time they were here. He's 7 1/2)

With Sandra's girls
Cindy, Dustin, Jessica and Brandi

A good time was had by all. I hope to get to go visit them in Brisbane one day, but will really need to save up first! Hopefully it won't be another 7 years before we get to see them again. Happy rest of you Holidays!


L.Jo said...

It was easier than moving the chairs into the shade. :-)

lexie jane!! said...

mine was already in the shade!! haha. ;)