Friday, July 03, 2009

Early Celebrations

Yes, today was the 3rd of July. The day before the celebration of the Independence of our great country...the USA.

We spent it pretty quietly just hanging around the house all morning. But the afternoon got busy. Our nieces, Kelli and Kiri have been here all week, and after going swimming last night, Kelli decided she needed some goggles. So we went to our favorite store, Kohl's. After getting goggles, Tanner some khaki's, and Morgan, Lexie and Kiri miscellaneous things, we went home to go swimming again.

Wynn was finishing up the shelves and fixing the pipes under the stairs for our food storage (since it flooded yesterday after the family party!!!) and Drew was home from school for the weekend. They all changed clothes and we headed to the rec center. It turned out to be a better idea than we thought since they had the pool all to themselves the whole time. They had fun playing water basketball, dunking and jumping off the diving board. They all decided to do front flips off the diving board. Even Tanner decided to not be out done and did a front flip off the diving board...3 times!!! (I have a video on my phone but don't know how to get it on here.) He has become quite the daredevil!

After swimming, we took them up to the University for ice cream cones. They didn't know we were going, but soon didn't care that they looked like they had just gone swimming!

Then it was back home to change for the fireworks. They set them off at the University football stadium every year on the 3rd. I was pretty worn out where I've had a major summer cold all week, so I didn't go. Our niece and nephew, Ashli and Rian drove over and went to the fireworks with them though. Drew went with her friends. I sent my camera with Lexie and she took 87 pictures and 1 video! I won't put them all on here (only 10 plus the video) but will add them all to facebook, but I think she did an absolutely fabulous job. Maybe I should give her my camera more often. Here is a sample of her photos.
Happy 4th of July weekend everybody!!!

(I think she did super considering she couldn't see what she was taking a picture of or filming the whole time! And she's only 12!)

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lexie jane ;) said...

i was pretty amazed at how well some of the pictures turned out!! i was excited when i got the big fireworks!!