Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Wynn's 46th Birthday!!! And he had the day off! For his birthday he took me to see 'The Proposal'. We loved it. See what a great guy he is? He does stuff like that for me all the time. He is such a sweetie. That's why I love him. So just for being such a great guy, we got him something he's been wanting for a while......
Forgot the he got the 'OLD' one

Also forgot that we were out of wrapping paper.

The towel seemed to do fine.

I think he liked it anyway. Even without wrapping paper!

But I did remember the most important thing....

the present he really wanted!

(and it's expandable for him to make all that yummy stuff he wants!)

Happy Birthday!!!!


Sandra said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dehdrator but I think I love his even more.

Happy Birthday Wynn.

Jaime said...

WOW, I couldn't get my husband to take me to the Proposal on a normal day, especially not on his birthday!

loretta said...

Ah. Jaime, it was his suggestion! If I was there I'd go with you. It was good enough I'd see it again. (There is one part they are naked, but you don't see anything) But tell him all the men were laughing just as hard as the women. All the men we've talked to have loved it. Maybe that will help?