Sunday, July 05, 2009

Family/Gone and Here

It would have been my Grandpa Hulsey's birthday today. But he's been gone for 22 1/2 years now. That's most of the time I've been married. I still miss him. I miss his laugh, and his jokes. He always had a joke for everything. Sometimes even making a long distance call just to tell a joke to someone he thought would appreciate it. He always had time for me. We were close. We still are. He's still with me when I need him. I love you Grandpa.

It was also the day the cousins went home. And Morgan and Lexie went with them. They had a blast while they were here and I'm sure they'll have one there as well.

Kelli, Morgan and Kiri

Kelli, Morgan, Lexie and Kiri

Lexie, Kelli, Morgan, Kiri and


More pictures of the 5 amigos. Otherwise know as the cousins, the youngest 5 of the family. (except the older cousins babies now!)


Cause Tanner can't go with them now

Oh so thoughtful.....



Dad Mom said...

What's wrong with Tanner's arm ? Love Mom

L.Jo said...

Love the picture of Tanner on the table!!!

Sandra said...

Ya, what's up with Tanner?

I was thinking about Grandpa and catfish and cantaloupe the other day.

loretta said...

Tanner's arm-----read the 4th of July post!

loretta said...

Lacey----I think that's my favorite too!!!

All these cousins and even the older ones have always included Lexie and Tanner in EVERYTHING they do!!! Even though they are so much younger. They have cousins in their mid-late 20's and even their 30's!!!