Monday, July 20, 2009

Quiet Time And Devastation

This morning Wynn, Morgan and Lexie headed out before 6:00am for Girls Camp. This is Lexie's first year, and she is the only new Beehive in our ward.That leaves only Tanner and myself at home all week, at least until Drew gets home late Thursday night or early Friday morning. But then she has to be back to school on Saturday. The others get home Friday afternoon/evening some time. I was never allowed to go to Girls Camp growing up. Maybe that is why I've never been camping in my life. Maybe that's why I don't think I'd like it. They are still trying to figure out a few days to take me camping this summer. My girls are asking the inevitable question of 'Why?' And my answer is....I don't know. I have no idea. (So mom, here's your chance to answer them.........if you want to.)

I got on my computer Saturday night and all was well. I got on yesterday, but only had a few minutes, and noticed there was something wrong with my log-in. It was not right the picture I had as my background, all my icons were in the wrong place, and my internet was even messed up. I commented about it to Wynn and figured I would have him look at it later. I forgot. So this morning AFTER they left for Girls Camp, I got on the computer to email Elder Gary. I then noticed/remembered the mess my log-in was in and decided to change the picture back to the one I had. It was one of the ones of Wynn and myself in Cali. Ummmm, ya. No picture in the choices available. No picture for the ones before. I got on my pictures and in fact, there were NO PICTURES ANYWHERE!!! All my pictures are gone. I can't find them. All the folders are gone. Even all the favorites on my internet are gone!

I got on everybody elses log-ins and they are all fine! (thank goodness for them) I only had some of the pictures on cd's. Only a few are on facebook or my blog. Morgan wanted to put them all in folders on FB for me, but we hadn't got around to it yet, so I was going to have her do it next week. I talked to Wynn but he didn't know where to tell me to look. I am devastated. He assures me that if he can't find them when he gets home, that they are still there and all we have to do is take the computer in and have them pull them from the hard drive for me. I'm still devastated. Can they put them back like I had them? Labled and in the folders like they were? I was going to get a flash drive to put them on, but just haven't. Guess I will get one now! As soon as they get them back for me, they're going on one!

Maybe I should take a computer class so I could find things when this happens. It's always when Wynn is out of town. Why didn't I have him look yesterday when I noticed. Because I didn't check my pictures because I really didn't figure it would be a big deal to put everything back the way it was. I don't know how this happened. I didn't do anything different on Saturday night than I have done the other 2 million times I've been on the computer. Anyway, I have faith that Wynn or Drew will save me from the evil computer monster somehow, yet again.


Sandra said...

Ya, what's with that computer gremlin that messes with folders anyway?

I never went to girl's camp either, but Dawna went one year. If I remember right, it had to do with money. Girls were expected to take so much and have so much more equipment with them than they are now. I remember Dawna's list of things she needed to take and stuff we had to buy before she could go- it was 2-3 pages long. If Jess had needed most of that stuff, she wouldn't have gone either.

Sandra said...

I was gonna also say, Maybe that is why Dawna is the camper among all of us?

loretta said...

Isn't that the year they picked her up & brought her back at Grandma's in Luna?

Anonymous said...

Yes to everything. Camp was different then, or they did it different here. You had to provide everything, food and all and pay a fee, plus get them there. A lot of money when the same food could feet you family for a week. It wasn't like now, where everything is provided, and all the girls have to do is fund raisers together, to get the fee.

loretta said...

Yeah. They aren't supposed to do fund raisers any more. We have to pay for it ourselves. Some wards just pay for all of it, but ours doesn't. Food & tents are provided but it was $70/ea girl this year! Yikes! They both worked for Andy long enough to pay their own way since neither is old enough to have a job yet! But Morgan still owes me $15.

And now color guard is $600.00 this year!