Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tannerisms #6

Earlier today I was in the office sitting at the desk and Tanner walked in very straight faced. For the full affect, picture this with him straight faced, monotone, slight shrug of the shoulder and tick at the corner of his mouth........

"I guess Drew and I have a date tomorrow night."

"Oh really. Why?"

"Cause she just called me and said she will be here at 6:00 tomorrow night just in time for me and her to go swimming. So.......(sigh)I guess that's a date." (I didn't even hear the phone ring!)

"Don't you want to go swimming? Aren't you excited to go swimming."

(more excited) "YES! (shrug) But I just guess it's a date."

Doesn't figure he's supposed to go on a date with his sister I guess. Hahahahahaha!

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