Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While we were at Cabella's Lexie decided she wanted to go on the elevator instead of the stairs. I saw her get on the elevator and then stood on the stairs to make sure she got off. Drew was downstairs and after what seemed an exceptionally long time I started to worry. I hadn't seen her get off so I asked Drew if she had seen her. Nope. I went back upstairs and called the elevator. It was empty. Not panicing yet. She could have gotten off in the mean time. I got on the elevator and pushed the button I thought was for the first floor. As soon as the doors opened I knew what had happened. They doors in the front AND the back of the elevator on the 1st floor! She had done as I had and pushed the button for the rear doors. She was confused and went back up. An employee got on and helped her go back down. She did indeed get off as I was going upstairs.

I got off the elevator and heard them calling me. I came around from the backside of the elevator and they told me what happened. I told her that was OK, I hit the same button.

Drew, 'No, it's just cause she's a crack head.'
Lexie, 'No. My head is nice and uncracked.'
Drew, 'Do you know what a crack head is?'
Lexie, 'Yep. Someone who takes the drug crack. And there are no cracks in my head either. So my head is nice and uncracked in more ways than one!'

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