Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Ready

Tomorrow is Gary's "Farewell" for his mission. He will be speaking in Church and then we will be having numerous people at the house for food and well wishes. There will probably be between 80-100 people here off and on throughout the day. For this reason we are having it in the backyard. We have mowed and trimmed the lawn and made sure the plants/flowers are looking good. We swept the sidewalks and driveway to make it pleasant looking. We have scrubbed inside and out. Major cleaning (but not too major, that would take WAY more time than we have!) to have major company. Then the wind blew and we swept and cleaned up again, a couple of times.

After having Gary's birthday celebration we did one more thing to prepare for next Wednesday and his leaving for the MTC....We put up his mission poster! We will put a sticker on it for every day that he is gone, starting with next Wednesday as day #1. We've decided that we will take pictures at the end of every month just to see the progress. So here is picture #1.....

See? No stickers yet.

It's empty now, but it will fill up faster than we think. Those 2 years will be done before we know it and then the wall will be empty again. Unless one (or more) of the girls decide to go on a mission, we won't be doing this again until Tanner turns 19 in 11 1/2 years!!!

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