Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Gary!!!

Gary and I have a shared memory. It's just that I remember it and he, well, doesn't. I know that sounds odd, but it's one that we laughingly debate together. Of course since he has no way to remember this memory, my version is the correct one...well, that and the fact that it IS the correct one.....He says I almost killed him (wink, wink) and I say I saved his life.

One week before Gary was born, I realized I hadn't felt him move in over 24 hours. I started to get worried so I did all the things they had told us to try if this ever happened. Push on him to get him to move, drink cold water or orange juice, push on him harder....It didn't work, nothing. It was time for Wynn to get home from work so I immediately told him what was happening. He called the doctor's office and they told him to have me try everything I had just tried, he told them I had and they said to get to the hospital. It was in Jackson Hole, an hour away. I thought I felt something on the way, but it was so very slight I think it was just wishful thinking. When we got there, they hooked me up to all the many machines and found his heartbeat to be so faint they almost couldn't find it. They tried everything I had tried and nothing. That's when they grabbed the little 'life jolters' as I call them and placed them on my stomach and jolted him once, nothing, twice. His heart started beating stronger, he started moving.....and didn't quit moving for the whole next week until he was born on his due date of May 23, 1990!!! I never complained about not being able to sleep that whole week because he literally did NOT stop moving! It was the most glorious thing. See? Saved his life. And what a wonderful life it was to save and give.

Happy Birthday Gary! I love you and am so proud of you.

What do you get a Missionary for his birthday 4 days before he goes to the MTC and he has already bought himself all the things (almost) he needs? You buy him the few things that are left. Therefore:

So excited to get sheets!!!

A 4g memory card for his camera. (to go with the 1g he had)

Yes, those are envelopes from Lexie and Tanner. They also gave him....

Paper, pens, pencils and an address book, all so he can write home!

Drew wanted to make his cake so I let her. Yes, that is a bikini cake, complete with belly button. (She figured it was the last one he got to look at for a while.) It didn't turn out quite as well as she had hoped and only has the #1 candle (put in the cake backwards) because they forgot to check if we had a #9 candle! He looks like he doesn't quite know what to think!!!

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L.Jo said...

Love the cake!! :-)