Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

The alarm went off early this morning. Wynn went in to work late. We needed to be at Cedar Ridge Middle School at 6:30am. Why?, you ask. I know because I asked too. But it was for a good thing. All the 6th graders that had earned a 4.0 for at least one trimester this year were invited to the Breakfast of Champions. They and their parents got a small breakfast. They had a couple of speakers (one was Sky View High Schools top student who happened to go to the Breakfast of Champions when she was at Cedar Ridge), and they each received a medal and a box of Wheaties, the 'TRUE' Breakfast of Champions.

Lexie received a 4.0 ALL 3 TRIMESTERS!!! WAY TO GO LEXIE!!!

Lexie receiving her medal and cereal.

(The guy walked there just as Wynn clicked the picture!)

She is the Champion!!!

Lexie with the Principal, Mr. Michael Thompson

Wynn, Lexie and Loretta Jenkins

Lexie's medal

Wheaties, medal and program


lexie jane said...

this morning made me so happy!! thanks mom!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Lexie. Love Grandma

Sandra said...

Woot! Woot! Way to go, Lexie!!1