Friday, May 29, 2009


Wednesday and Thursday night Tanner has been sleeping in Gary's bed because he misses him. And he says it's more comfortable than his! The first night Moose slept by himself on Tanners bed. The next night he came and got me, took me to Tanners room and showed me that Tanner wasn't in the bottom bunk where he usually sleeps. (When Drew is home, she sleeps in the bottom bunk and Tanner sleeps on the top bunk. Then I have to help Moose get up there so he can sleep with Tanner.)

Since Tanner wasn't on the bottom he kept looking up at the top bunk and meowing at me until I lifted him up there and showed him Tanner wasn't there. He jumped down and meowed pitifully until I carried him to Gary's room and showed him Tanner was in Gary's bed. He jumped out of my arms onto the floor and looked at the bed, then in Tanner's room and then at me, meowing the whole time. I went to Tanners room and got Mooses blanket to put on Gary's bed. He jumped up on to it and layed down to sleep with Tanner and left me alone the rest of the night.

As soon as Tanner got up, Moose went to Tanner's room to sleep, so I had to move the blanket. I heard much noise coming from Tanner's room and couldn't figure out what Moose was doing. I just figured he was playing with his toys that Tanner has in there for him. Then it got quiet. I had to look and then ran for my camera. This is what I found....

He had to work to get the blanket the way he wanted it!

A lot of good that blanket is doing keeping cat hair off the bed! His head was completely covered with just his legs sticking out before I got the camera. More often than not, this is how we find him sleeping.

Tonight I got a bigger blanket to cover the whole bed since Moose tends to move to where ever Tanner is. And I don't want to have to keep moving his little blanket.

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