Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Off To The MTC

It's official. Today, May 27,2009, was the day. Elder Gary Dean Jenkins entered the MTC in Provo, Utah at 12:00 noon. We picked Drew up at Wynn's parents so Gary could say good-bye. They are getting older and though they are both doing better health wise, you never know. He wanted to have that chance, just in case. He will be at the MTC until June 15.

The famous missionary at the MTC sign picture

As we got here to take this picture, he looked up at the missionary that was getting his picture taken and saidm "Hi Dylan!" It was one of his friends from high school. We know not everybody gets to be here with people they know.

Wynn and I with Gary

All the kids

The Jenkins' family

As Gary went in one door, and us the other, we were asked if any of us had had a fever or the flu in the last week. Wynn had had a cold and was asked if he had been checked by a doctor. Since he hadn't been he was asked if he minded being checked out by the MTC doctors to because of the Swine Flu epidemic and trying to keep it out of the MTC. They also ask that nobody shake hands there. The missionaries aren't even allowed to shake each others hands or give a hug to a friend that is also there.

Putting on the name tag.

Me and Elder Gary Jenkins

The first time I went with anybody to the MTC was when Andy went, 3 years ago. I explained to my kids that they are lucky to live close enough to go. Many people can only afford for part or just one of the family to take them. Others put them on a plane at home and send them by themselves. I found out this was the case this very day for one of my friends from high school in New Mexico.

Setting in that room isn't any easier the second time. We sat and talked and waited. They played those Mormon commercials that make you cry when they are just on TV, bawl when you're sitting at the MTC. We sang Called To Serve. We listened to talks. The closing prayer was given by a sister missionary that will be going to Gary's mission. The whole time I could here Lexie setting down there sobbing, Andy crying, Drew crying, I tried to be strong. He hugged them all. He hugged Wynn. He hugged me. I gave him a hug good-bye and told him it would be easier to let him go if he had been a more difficult child but it's hard when he was such a good kid. I told him what a great missionary he is going to be. I turned and told everybody to just go. Go fast and don't look back.

Serve with Honor Elder Jenkins. You'll be back before any of us know it.

Gary's mission poster 5/27/2009

It sure looks empty with only 1 sticker on it. Good thing we know it will fill up fast.

That's one lonely turtle.

On the way home, Tanner asked if he could sleep in Gary's bed...'Because I miss him so much!' Of course, I said yes.


Sandra said...

2 days later we waved and said hi as we drove past on the way to Matt's graduation.

Oh, and lucky you guys because now families have to say goodby at the door because of the swine flue.

And which friend?

loretta said...

Tommy Shelley

shlipea said...

In the picture where you're putting his name tag on, I totally know the guy in the background! He graduated with Lacey, and his little sister went to the MTC that same day! (Obviously that day..haha.)

loretta said...

That's funny. What a small world!