Monday, June 08, 2009

Cloudy With A Forecast Of.....Cloudy?

The day started out overcast and cool. I found out from my sister (she used to live in San Diego) that this is the 'June gloom, probably the coldest time of year'. They couldn't send us when it was nice for the beach? Well, I guess I can't complain at a practically free vacation. Still plenty to do.

The complimentary breakfasts here are huge with a choice of eggs, pancakes, waffles, cereal (hot and cold), bread for toast, english muffins, bagels, fruit, yogurt, ham, rice......

Wynn went to class, which I found out is called---PC-DMIS Advanced Software Programming. OK. Ya, I don't know either. And it's just across the street. So I got on the computer to check my blog, email, facebook, and then to go to the workout room. The only thing I didn't like was no fan in the workout room. It got really hot, really fast, but I stayed anyway.

At noon Wynn came back for lunch. It had actually warmed up to 74* so we could go without a jacket. We just went down the street to a place where they have just about whatever you would want. I chose The California Fish Grill where I had the Mahi Mahi and Wynn had the Cajun Salmon Tacos. They were both delicious. Nothing beats fresh fish! I am such a seafood fan. Wynn isn't. So he gets to pick tomorrow. They have a really cool wall there that I took a picture of (to come when I get home). Hope it looks as cool when I post it here.
California Fish Grill

Cool wall

Wynn had to get back to class at 1:00 so I just hung out in the room watching something on the Sci-Fi channel. It had Michael Weatherly (aka DiNozzo on NCIS) that caught my eye as I was flipping by, how could I not watch whatever it was, at least until housekeeping came.

I came down to the computer to get part of the days blog done and read outside. I decided to delete my one email that I hardly ever get on instead of reading. Good idea. There was an email on there sent just today from Gary's mission home in Texas asking about some info they sent. We never got it. So I forwarded the email to him and tomorrow is his Pday, so he should get it.

When Wynn got out of class, we decided to drive to Newport Beach to the Crystal Shake Shack and get a shake. Wynn got a Butterfinger/Oreo and I got a Pina Colada/Double Chocolate Chip. They were definately worth it! So good. I really liked mine, kind of a chocolate fruity taste. Yum.
Crystal Cove Shake Shack
2 views from the Shake Shack
Then we just drove south on the PCH for a while. We stopped in Carlsbad and took a picture on the beach. It had cooled back down to 68* and the wind was blowing, so it was a bit cold.

Nice picture I think
He was braver than I. He said the water was freezing and his pants are wet up above his knees!
Isn't it pretty
Wynn had got out of class about an hour later than we planned, so we decided to turn around and take the 5 back to Lake Forest. The PCH takes longer, since it runs through the cute, quaint little towns with all the stop lights.
It was a nice day today. No pressures to get to. Do what ever I want. We'll see what adventures tomorrow brings.

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