Sunday, June 07, 2009

From Bad Beginnings Come Leisurely Wanderings

We made it! And they do have a computer to use here at the hotel. So I will write while we're here and post pictures when I get home.

We packed everything we could last night so we wouldn't have to do much except the bathroom bag this morning. We figured we would go to Church long enough to take the sacrament and then take off for the airport. That would put us there about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before the 'be there this early' time for the flight if there were no problems along the way. So that's what we did. We got to the house to grab the suitcases and write down a few last minute things for the kids, but we still should have been to the airport the 1 1/2 to 2 hours earlier than we needed to be.

Things were going great, hardly any traffic, it is Sunday in Utah after all. Then we got slowed to less than a crawl, and we weren't even to Ogden yet. Not a stop, but almost. If they had set the cops up just a few feet earlier, we would have been able to take the exit and keep going, but they were where you couldn't see them until after the exit! We crawled along the freeway watching our time pass too quickly. We figure there was an , but never saw evidence of anything. Once we were able to get going again, we knew we were going to be too close for comfort, if not late. We got to the airport, a shuttle was right there to pick us up, it was his time to change drivers so he flew to the airport.

The guy at the check in stopped us (he was stopping everybody), told us we probably have missed out flight already, we should have been there early (duh, ya think? Tell whatever poor soul had the on the freeway!) sent me to the wrong line and Wynn to the kiosk. We don't have any time to have any delays of any kind. I got out of the line and went over to the right line to wait for Wynn. We got to the counter and she informed us that it would cost $40.00 to check 2 bags each. That was different that when we flew to Las Vegas in September and the company didn't tell us this when they booked our bags. She told us we could readjust our baggage and check only 1 bag each (making it sound like that would be free that way). Fine, Wynn hurriedly readjusted. We checked 1 bag each and was informed, "That will be $30.00." Are you kidding! We would have just checked both if we know it was only $10 more for 2 each and NOT free for 1 each! And we just wasted all that time we didn't have for nothing. We grabbed our bags, thank goodness for luggage with wheels, and hurried for the gate. Usually I'm a pretty fast walker and can even run pretty fast in 4 inch heels, but today the shoes I had on with my skirt were slides. I should have just taken them off and run barefoot, but...eeeewwwww. So I ran-ish in them, I mean, imagine all those scenes you see in the movies, now imagine me. Ya, ok, it wasn't that bad.....and WE MADE IT!!!! There was at least one guy that ran up behind us even. The flight was totally full.

Wynn and the guy next to him talked the whole way to LAX and I read, which is odd because Wynn isn't a talker and I am. It was a nice relaxing flight after the mad dash at the airport. We picked up our luggage and trekked to the shuttle to go to the rental cars. We are driving a nice silver sporty Pontiac GT, with Nevada plates.

We headed for the 405 freeway and then to PCH...Pacific Coast Highway. We found an In and Out Burger, but didn't know to get it animal style, so we'll get another one a different day. We just had a nice pleasant drive down the coast.

We stopped at Huntington Beach, and it was cold with strong winds. I did get a few pictures though. The surfers were wearing wet suits. We chose to not feel the water. I needed a hot chocolate.


Huntinton Beach


Surfer---wet suit

The Pier

Fishing off the Pier

2 Views off the Pier

Doesn't it just look cold?

As we continued to drive I spotted Tawnya's favorite restaurant and the Shake Shack she told me to go to, we will make a drive back over there to go to them. I found where to go to Balboa Island as well. We got to Lake Forest with only a couple of backtracks, but it was nice that they even were no big deal. We got to the Staybridge Suites, had my hot chocolate, found where everything was here, and zonked out. I hope it warms up at some point this week. 60*-65* in California is a bit chilly with the wind.


Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm not very smart. How do you get a burger animal style? Dad

loretta said...

Not really sure about that. I'll let you know when we get one! ;)