Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

It is my sister, Sandra's, birthday!!! She is (hmmmm) years old today! I don't care if people know how old I am, but not everybody feels that way, so I won't put her very young age on here. She is always so good about posting about us on our birthdays, with pictures and memories, etc. Sorry, don't have any pictures. :( You would think that with all the weddings lately I would have one. Nope. Shame on me. But I do have memories. Hehehehe. Ok. It's your birthday. I'll be nice.

I remember when we were going to Harrison Schmidt Elementary School. She is only 2 years older than me, so was 2 grades higher. I was always sick it seemed. I was also very shy (still am, just try to seem I'm not). She always looked out for me and took care of me at school. I remember one day, had to be around Valentines because I remember wearing my pink corduroy jumper with the heart pockets on it that mom had made me. I wasn't feeling well so Sandra took me to the cement pad by the doors of the school and made me a place to lay down on our jackets. (notice jackets in February, not coats) She stayed with me all recess to make sure I was ok.

Fast forward to High School. We were in the same Geometry class. She didn't sit by me but did sit close. She would just say good job when I did well, even when my grade was higher than hers. She must have just been amazed that I could get an A+ in there, cause math is NOT one of my strong suits and my friends and I were always talking and visiting. (and yes, I did my own work)

Then the time we were riding home on the bus. We were sitting in the same seat together. One of the neighbor boys was sitting behind us, I don't remember his name, and started saying some pretty disgusting unappropriate things to me. Sandra told him to shut up and leave me alone. He was way bigger than either of us. He kept saying these things and wouldn't shut up. So I turned around and proceded to beat him up right there on the bus. He ran home crying. Sandra never even told on me for beating the poor guy up.

What a great sis. Always looking out for me.

Well, Happy Birthday Sis! Guess we were never bored when we were together huh?

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Sandra said...

What a good sister you have. I hope you let her know what a great person she is and tell her often.;)

I only remember the Geometry one. I do remember only jackets in Feb. but not the place to lay down.

And I don't mind people knowing how old I am. 46 today.

WV antrapp- a group of insects singing happy birthday.