Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surprise Call

The day started out at the pool for Tanner's swimming lessons, then off to buy Wynn's Fathers Day present. We all go in together so the kids can get him something nice. I'm not saying what it is just in case he happens to be reading this today. I never know. Then home to do a few daily things and suddenly it's time to fix lunch. The library has kids movie day Tuesdays at 2:00 in the summer. I figured we probably ought to eat before we go. Today it was Disney's Camp Rock. It was Ok. Better than Lexie and I thought it was going to be.

While I was fixing lunch the phone rang. No big deal, it tends to do that. Morgan brought me the phone saying, 'It's Elder Tripp?' I knew that name. He called me yesterday. I hadn't had any "something's wrong" feelings, so I wasn't concerned. I just told Morgan, 'Ya, he's in Texas.' and took the phone.

He told me that Elder Gary had asked him to call me. He informed me that Elder Gary needed a bike and since we didn't receive the information packet from the mission home he hadn't come prepared to buy one. I knew that. He told me they run from $350 to $500. If we couldn't do that right now he could borrow one for a while. I told him it was Ok. I had transferred money into Elder Gary's account already yesterday for this very purpose and how much I had transferred. I had put enough without even knowing how much it would cost. He could just go buy what he needed. I am so glad Elder Gary prepared in so many ways for his mission. We had no idea he would need a bike, or how much it would cost, yet he has money set aside so that these things won't be a problem. I checked his account later, he has a nice bike and he could buy it with no worrying if the nice one was going to be a strain on us.

While I had Elder Tripp on the phone, I couldn't help but ask him if he could tell me where Elder Gary was being sent. He said 'Sure. Not a problem. He's going to a little town called Canyon, Texas. I served there for 4 months and I loved it. He should be there in about 3 hours.' Canyon. Hmmmm. I had never heard of that one before.

I got on the trusty internet and looked it up. I found it, and there in front of me just over 19 miles away staring me in the face was Happy, Texas. I couldn't help laughing. There is a movie called Happy, Texas that one of their friends in Evanston introduced them too! It is one of those movies that is kinda dumb but yet so funny. We have laughed at that movie together. I haven't watched it for a long time. It looks like he had to drive right through it to get where he was going. We'll see if he mentions it in his letter.

I'm so glad that Elder Gary is so well prepared in so many ways. He's going to be an awesome missionary and I think they can already tell that there. I know he'll stay close to the Spirit and he'll do what ever it is he in particular was sent there to do. And I'm sure he'll have fun too, especially being that close to Happy! ;)

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