Friday, January 30, 2009


Monday morning I took Gary in to get his wisdom teeth out. This doctor is notorious for NOT giving an antibiotic until after they have an infection. We went to him with Andy and Drew and they both got an infection. Our friends children have all gotten infections as well. It just seems to be a common thing to get an infection when you get your wisdom teeth out. (I had to get mine out when I was 3 months pregnant with Gary. One was impacted & had to come out. Then we were losing our dental insurance the next month, so they just took all 4 out while they were at it. I had major morning sickness & since I was pregnant, they could only deaden me, not put me to sleep. Great experience. My sister Sharon came up to help me with the other 2 kids since she was on Thanksgiving break at the time. Yup, Thankgiving, 3 months pregnant & I got my wisdom teeth out. What was I thinking? I not only got an infection from the wisdom teeth, but it gave me an ear infection as well.) We now went to this doctor again because of insurance and I was prepared to insist on a perscription before he ever started. They were told when the appointment was made that we were expecting to come home with a perscription for an antibiotic. He went over what he was going to do & asked me if I had any questions.

"When you give me the perscription for pain medication, you are going to give me one for an antibiotic, right?"
"Well I don't like to give those out right away because only 2% get an infection from this."
"My husband got an infection, I got one, and both my other son and my daughter got one. (not reminding him that he was the one who took theirs out) I would really feel more comfortable about leaving here today with a perscription for an antibiotic."
"That is odd because it's only 2% that will get an infection, but OK. Not a problem."
It was all civil and nice and I left with a perscription for an antibiotic. He has done remarkably well.

By Tuesday he was getting up and fixing his own food. But he still isn't allowed to go back to work until after his check-up appointment on Monday. On Wednesday night he commented on how we really ought to move the family room furniture because we hadn't done it forever and it was getting boring. (I think was from him having to sit down there in Dec after surgery & now again this week) I told him I had been thinking the same thing. We mentioned where each of us would like it to be. I came home on Thursday from work and he had done the ironing, cleaned his room AND moved the family room furniture....VACUUMING the whole room as he went!!! He put it where I said I had been thinking of putting it. He is such a great kid. So today he and Wynn went snowmobiling (sledding) with friends and just got home. They had a blast. I think he deserved it, but I hope it doesn't backfire since he has been doing so well. He is sooo not the stereotypical sick male. He is a joy to have around.

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