Saturday, January 03, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today was a lazy day, last Saturday of Christmas break. School & work begin again Monday morning.

I had to take Wynn & Gary to the doctor first thing this morning. They are doing well. Gary got sick Thursday night, but we think it was just a touch of stomach flu, (not exactly what he wanted on top of surgery the day before) but was feeling better by Friday. Wynn has a bit of the cough that Tanner & I have. We're just glad his hasn't seemed to be as bad as ours has been. But despite all of that, he said they look exceptionally good for just a couple days after surgery. They have to go back Monday morning. Wynn should be able to go to work Monday, but Gary still has 1 1/2 weeks before he can go back, because of all the dust where he works. They are both going stir crazy, they aren't ones to just sit or lie around. They aren't the stereotypical 'sick male'. I have to remind them to rest but they keep doing little chores to get away from the TV.

Gary bought a remote control airplane the morning of his surgery. He figured it would give him something to do while we are all at work & school. Friday night he figured out that it just wasn't going to work. So this morning we took it back to the store. The owner at Magical Moon Toys had helped him pick it out, and happened to be there this morning & helped him. Since he couldn't get it to work either, he got a replacement. This one seems to be working & will hopefully keep him entertained for a while each day. He thinks he will be an expert by the time he gets to return to work. He's also afraid he is going to be an RC airplane junky. We'll see, we'll see. He never spends money, on ANYTHING, (you should see his tennis shoes) so this was a big leap for him.

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