Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tannerisms of the day....

Maybe you had to be here, but we were laughing.....

I was sitting at the table & Tanner wanted some cereal for a snack after school. He got out the cereal, milk, spoon & strawberry milk for a drink.
Then he asks, "Mom would you get me down a bowl?"
So teasing him I said, "I can't, I'm reading the paper."
"Mom get me down a bowl."
"I can't, I'm stuck."
Laughing, "Mom get me down a bowl."
"I can't."
With no hesitation, in accent..."You can do eet!"

Drew went to give him a hug & noticed his pants were wet.....
"What did you do, pee your pants?"
"NO! I was sliding down the slide & didn't know it was wet. It froze my butt cause I was sitting there and now the frozen part of my butt melted off."

Lexie got some perfume from a friend for Christmas. She brought it upstairs a couple of days ago & told me she didn't like it & didn't know what to do with it. I smelled it & didn't like it either so it is sitting on the kitchen counter.
Gary asks,"What is that?"
"Some perfume Lexie didn't like & I didn't like it cause it smells like old lady perfume."
Tanner, "It doesn't smell like old lady perfume."
"It does smell like old lady perfume & I don't like it."
Tanner, "I don't think it does."
Lexie, "It does & I don't like it. Gary can have it."
Gary, "I don't need it, I have cologne."
Tanner (with no hesitation),"Well I don't need it cause I take a bath."


Sandra said...


out loud

Ashli Barnes said...

Haha! Maybe he should be a comedian when he grows up.