Thursday, January 08, 2009

Did I mention I'm ready for NEW!

I never told how the furnace/frozen water turned out. Tuesday morning we woke up to a warm house & the water was unfrozen before Morgan & Lexie went to school (after I turned up the heat for the day). It has actually been a nice, warm 3 days, warm being a relative term. It was actually in the 40's today, everything was melting, beautiful blue sky. And the furnace has continued working......until now.

I went to the rec center tonight to get on the treadmill instead of going this morning because Morgan wanted to go with me. (We saw my brother there lifting weights.) She hadn't gone before but is in good shape from color guard & now winter guard, so she did over 3 miles in 1 hour. I was proud of her. I did more than that, but I've been working on it for a while. But that is all beside the point. When we headed home it had started to rain in Smithfield. By the time we got to Hyde Park, it was 1/2 rain 1/2 snow. When we got to North Logan, it was snow, that slushy slimy slick kind. Yuck. If it gets cold tonight, it will be slick in the morning. Because of the weather, the satellite had lost the signal & needed brushed off. Because of this, the football game I had recording for Wynn & Gary had a big chunk that hadn't gotten recorded. They're easy going, they will be OK with it. Lexie & Tanner were here while I was gone, but even with a broom Lexie doesn't come anywhere close to reaching the satellite to brush it off. So I got to trudge through the snow to do it. I came inside & realized it was cold so I turned the heat up. After a while I realized it wasn't getting any warmer. That's when I found out the furnace is acting up AGAIN! I haven't been able to get it to click on yet, but Wynn is home now, that usually helps, even though I used to be the only one that could get it working. At least it isn't both furnaces at the same time like happened last winter. At least we do have one room we can go to & be toasty. I don't need a cold house & frozen water again. I'm ready for a brand new house that noone else has ever lived in. New appliances that actually work, new fixtures, new bathrooms, new walls, new windows, new doors, new, new, new..........

and the printer started giving a 'cartridge error' Sunday that for some reason only Drew can fix, & she doesn't live here anymore! She fixed it Tuesday & now it is doing it again. We do what she did (& did the same thing before she ever did it) & nothing. Frustration to no end. And yet, I'm still in a decent mood. Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

I'll go for new, after this many years, there isn't much hope left. Hope everything gets fixed. Love Mom