Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's only the future of our country/world after all, so what's the big deal?

I am talking about the budget that is spent on the education of our children. It is pathetic, to begin with, and now it is going to be cut even further. I don't know where the rest of the country gets its money, or how they divvy it up, but I do know a little bit about Utah.

We just found out last week that the Trust Land money will be cut by about 25% next year. This is where our district gets money (not sure if they get some from somewhere else as well) for the Paraprofessionals (reading aides) & I think it is pretty much the same for others. The reason for this is that they don't spend the principle, only the interest on their investments. Of course, they have had the same losses as the rest of us in investments, so they can already see where this is going to be. This is after the Para budget was cut for this year. So they really had to tweak the schedules to keep everybody.

This morning we had a meeting that we didn't know we were going to have. We all know that the Legislature is in session in February. We all know that the Govenor & the Legislature will have proposals that they each want to get through by the end of the session, so the end of February. They each have a proposal to cut the education MILLIONS of dollars! So this is even more than we were cut this year.The Govenor wants to leave this year alone & his cuts start next year. The Legislature disagrees & wants their cuts to start immediately this year. They want a certain percentage cut this year & then an even bigger percentage cut next year, & the cuts they want are bigger than what the Govenor wants. I'm not very good at remembering numbers, hence being a reading aide & not a math aide, but I'm sure the figures could be easily looked up. So, if one of these goes through, what does this mean for our schools/children? The future of the country/world? Not good things, that's for sure....
  • Possibility that:
  • Teachers will be cut, meaning even less one on one for the kids because of bigger classes
  • Administration will be cut, meaning less people to cover all the kids at the school AND district levels (can you imagine schools with no principals?)
  • Possibly cutting programs and/or teachers (or aides) from all schools, meaning at risk in learning kids might not be able to get the help they need in the subjects they need it in or have too many kids per group so the ones needing it the most get left behind
  • Or that the 'gifted' or excellerated kids won't have the instruction they need to move on to the levels they are at, therefore becoming bored with school & acting up to pass the time, etc
  • And so on, and so on...

These are just some possibilities that are lurking in the very near future. But hey, we'll have some pretty roads to drive on at the expense of education, so the lack of education in the state won't matter. I mean the quality of the roads IS the more important thing. Right?


Sandra said...

Well, I wouldn't care if the principal at Brandi's school is let go ;)

But really- this is scary stuff for education. And no one wants to pay the taxes that also fund education because "my kids aren't in school yet/anymore" but whose kids do they think is going to do their hip replacement, open heart surgery, be our president etc? One of these kids that learned how to bully others into giving them what they want because there were no teachers to teach- that's who.

Anonymous said...

Well, you could be in N.M. where the governor is under a grand jury investigation and wants to do all the things you mentioned above, as well as a few more. Oh BTW he doesn't mentioned cutting any of his pet projects, however, but wants to cut the school budget by $65 million or more to balance the budget. He gets worse every day.
Unfortunately, you and your kids are going to wind up paying for all the monopoly money being printed in washington now a days. Enjoy Love Dad