Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy? New Year's Eve

Since I have spent 6 hours at the hospital today, and have only been home for 1/2 an hour, this will be quick. Wynn & Gary both got their nose straightened today. Yes, they chose this date simply for insurance reasons & because they didn't want it done on Christmas Eve. All went well, and now, they will be able to breathe, something Wynn has never been able to do, & Gary not since he broke his nose so many times in wrestling. So my celebrating will be spent taking care of them. Thank goodness neither of them are the whiney, sick male type. They just deal with it quietly & recover quickly. That's how I can handle both of them doing this at the same time. And they took care of me last year, so.....

2008 was a good year for us, not so much for the country or world. May 2009 be everything you need it to be. Love ya, from our house to yours.

Now I better go check on the men folk.

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