Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catching up #5--The wedding

On November 21, 2008 Andy Jenkins & Leza Farmer were married in the Logan Temple. The day before we had hurricane force winds, I swear. As I was driving Tanner & myself to school, he said, I hope it isn't doing this tomorrow, it will ruin the whole wedding. His little prayers for this were answered as we had a BEAUTIFUL day for a wedding, even though it was the end of November & just a week before Thanksgiving.

Here are a few pictures Drew took of that day:

Andy & Leza at my house ready to head to the luncheon

View from the back of the luncheon (I had 6 very wonderful friends help me with serving the luncheon, but I didn't realize noone got a picture of them. They were Debbe Balling, Jennifer Stenquist, Vicki Nielson, Alice Lucherini & MaryAnne Essig. Thank you my very wonderful friends/sisters)

With the parents at the luncheon

The most important event of the day had just happened. Coming out of the Logan Temple as Brother & Sister Jenkins

With both families (it was cool/cold in the shadows, but perfect in the sun)

With parents and grandparents from both sides

I love this one of the rings and bouquet

In front of the Logan Temple

Our family at the reception
She had her aunt make a grooms cake for him out of my (his favorite) carrot cake recipe as a surprise

The cake, made by her aunt

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