Saturday, December 13, 2008

Catching up #4---You are the scariest undead thing, and I really mean that

Halloween 2008 at the Jenkins'. It seems long because of all the pictures, but it's pretty fast to scroll through. AND you wouldn't want to miss our favorite, we saved it until last. Enjoy.

This year it was warm enough that this is just how they went, no coats, no jackets of any kind. They loved it.

Tanner, the brave knight with me ready to go to school

As the red power ranger ready to get some treats

Lexie the vampire, nobody recognized her at school

Morgan, the woods nymph? (found out later they might not be a good thing to copy. better research next year) But isn't she cute?

Drew, the gothic vampiress:

Her true self?

Every year Gary will dress up as whatever we, as girls, want. This year has to be our all time favorite!!

The whole picture

Lexie couldn't resist writing this on his pants (do we watch too much Cars maybe?)

And here is the fam.


tawnya said...

Um...nymph IS short for something!

loretta said... brain just didn't even make the connection. Was too busy making sure Gary looked good. Didn't put the picture on here of him holding his Apple Beer.

Sandra said...

Nymph's um, yeah. The only reason I have never gone as one on Halloween.

But she was darn cute. A bit modest for a nymph, but cute none the less.

Sandra said...

and that should be nymphs not nymph's